‘2-year-old Shinnosuke series’ was broadcast for three consecutive weeks! ‘Movie Crayon Shin-chan’s new release commemoration

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In commemoration of the release of the latest work of the “Movie Crayon Shin-chan” series, ” Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Jinfuden “, it was revealed that the “2-year-old child Shinnosuke series” will be broadcast on TV Asahi for three consecutive weeks. Rice field.

” Crayon Shin-chan” is celebrating its 30th anniversary since the start of the 1992 anime broadcast. In the 30th movie version of ” Movie Crayon Shin-chan His Monoke Ninja Jinfuden,” Shinnosuke Nohara, a 5-year-old child who calls a storm, not only becomes a “ninja” but also reveals “the truth of Shinnosuke’s birth.”

In commemoration of the release of the shocking new movie “Shinnosuke was not a child of the Nohara family !?”, you can enjoy the famous episode when Shinnosuke was a 2-year-old child on TV.

“Ora 2 years old” will be broadcast on April 3 (from 4:30 pm) (first broadcast in 2006). The figure of Hiroshi Nohara, who is love-loving, is depicted. It was a Nohara family, but Shinnosuke stole their eyes and ate omelettes for adults. Still, the way he speaks is terrifying, and he is a toddler, but his “mischievous” hasn’t changed since then.

On April 9 April 9 ​​(from 4:30 pm), “I’m worried about it” (first broadcast in 2007). With the birth of sunflowers, Misae is more worried about sunflowers than she is. Misae reminds me that Shin-chan has grown up and is okay without worrying about it, and Shinnosuke recalls when he was a two-year-old child. Also, pay attention to Misae’s new mom, who makes a fuss with Shinnosuke’s slight abdominal pain.

April 16 (from 4:30 pm) is “The Day When I Became Ora” (first broadcast in 2007). Misae, who teaches words to Himawari, remembers when she decided to go out with Shinnosuke, who was two years old, to Hiroshi’s father, Ginsuke. Even Misae, who is worried about being able to play, gives a lot of cautionary notes. I’m sure she will laugh at the negligent behaviour of Ginsuke.

” Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Jinfuden ” will be released nationwide on April 22.

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