A slapstick comedy aiming for “ASMR” Koshien with a high school girl who reincarnated in a dummy head microphone started broadcasting in October.

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It has been decided that ASMR’s original TV anime,” I’m sandwiched between lilies. One morning, I was a dummy head microphone, I’m Kun’s life,” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from October. The main visual is also open to the public.

ASMR refers to reactions and sensations caused by stimuli to the auditory sense, such as comfort and tingling in the brain, and videos such as whispering and earpicks that induce this are becoming popular. The dummy head is a recording device in the shape of a human head. Since a high sense of presence can be obtained by attaching a dedicated microphone to the ear part for recording, it is possible to record games for women, drama CDs, and ASMR audio. It is used for such purposes.

In this work, which was planned to convey the charm of ASMR widely, “I Kun,” who has reincarnated into a dummy head microphone, Yuri, a high school girl who belongs to the ASMR club and aims at ASMR Koshien, and their friends’ slapstick comedy be painted.

The main visual shows a dummy head microphone reincarnated by “I-kun,” surrounded by six high school girls who seem to be in a mess, binaural in a harem state.

The director will be Yoshinobu Kasai, based on ASMR as in this work, ” Can you make your ears happy in 180 seconds? “, And INDIVSION and Ekachi Epilka, who worked on this work, will be in charge of animation production. In addition, the cura of the games “Maitetsu” and “Monobeno” will serve as the character draft, and Mitori Otsuka of ” Kamen no Maid Guy ” (general animation director and others) will serve as the character design.

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