Animation ‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 4 ‘Rescue’ trailer unveiled & pop-up shop held

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From the 4th episode, “Rescue,” of the animation “Chainsaw Man,”  broadcasted on November 1st ( TV Tokyo series / every Tuesday at 24:00), a preview video, a preceding cut, and a synopsis have been released. In addition, it was decided to hold a pop-up shop, “Chainsaw Man Great Exchange Exhibition,” at Base Yard His Tokyo.

“Rescue” preview video Animated by MAPPA, the creator of Attack on Titan The Final Season. Denji, a boy who lives as a devil hunter with Pochita, the “Devil of Chainsaw,” is betrayed and killed while living a poor life to pay off the debt left by his parents.

In his fading consciousness, Denji makes a contract with Pochita and is revived as a “Chainsaw Man” with a devil’s heart. Episode 4 is about Denji, who defeated the “Bat Devil” after a fierce battle and saved his Power. His purpose was to “massage the chest.” “It’s a stupid reason,” said Power, but he says he’ll let him rub his chest.

It was Denji who was pleased with that, but. In addition, a pop-up shop, “Chainsaw Man Great Exchange Exhibition,” will be held at Baseyard Tokyo in Tokyo. At the same time, a unique website was also opened. Details such as the date and time of the event will be announced at a later date. The TV anime “Chainsaw Man” is broadcast every Tuesday at 24:00 on TV Tokyo.

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