Animation decision “Blue Lock” jacks Shibuya, popular characters in plain clothes are slurping

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“Blue Lock” (Original by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Manga by Yusuke Nomura), which will be made into a TV animation next year, will jack Shibuya. Kodansha announced the six major campaigns of the same work in Shibuya on the 1st. It was planned to be released on the 15th, the 16th volume of the popular soccer comic book serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine.”

“Shibuya Street Wall Jack” will start on the 16th. A total of 240 posters of 18 types, including the first public plain clothes illustration posters of 16 popular characters of the same work, will be posted in various places in Shibuya until the 29th. Fans will have more fun looking for characters in plain clothes in the city.

“Jack, the Hanzomon Line Shibuya Station Concourse” will start on the 18th. Until the 24th, illustrations of 12 characters in plain clothes and uniforms will dye the Hanzomon Line Shibuya Station concourse in the color of the work, using the pillars and walls. An illustration with huge size of 2 meters is likely to attract attention.

“SHIBUYA TSUTAYA Illustration Card Purchase Bonus Campaign” will start on the 15th. If you purchase one of the target books of the same work at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (store / online), you will receive one of all 16 types of illustration cards using plainclothes illustrations. The number of illustration cards is limited, and the campaign will end as soon as they run out.

“The first original painting exhibition at Shibuya Tower Records” will be held from the 16th. The first original painting exhibition will be held at Shibuya Tower Records until November 7.

“Blue Lock, “the original official website” will be released on the 16th. A particular page where you can play with 16 characters in plain clothes in Shibuya will be developed for a limited time.

“Super valuable! Twitter campaign to win goods” will be held from the 16th. Follow the official account of the work until November 15, and tweet “#Blue Lock Shibuya Jack” during the period to win a gift. The details of the present prize will be announced at a later date.

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