Anime ‘Shachiku-san wants to be healed by a bit of ghost. OP by Kaori Ishihara & ED by Maaya Uchida

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IN APRIL, the TV anime “Shachiku-san wants to be healed by a little ghost” was broadcast. It has been decided that Kaori Ishihara will be in charge of the opening theme, and Maaya Uchida will be in charge of the ending theme.

The two will each appear as voice actors in the anime. Kaori Ishihara’s “Cherish,” appointed as the opening theme, will be released as the eighth single on April 27th. Yoshie Isogai wrote the lyrics, and Hige Driver did the composition and arrangement. The first limited edition of the single will include the music video for “Cherish” and the making video of the music video.

The ending theme “Hearing?” By Maaya Uchida will be released on April 20th as her 13th single. Junichi Sato of fhána is in charge of composition and arrangement, and the stringed instruments recorded live are heartful numbers that weave beautiful harmonies. The coupling song “Sensation Dancin’Show ♪” is written by Asuka Oda, composed and arranged by Seima Kondo and Elements Garden, and is a funk song that will be a new frontier for Maaya Uchida.

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