Anime ‘Weird Salad Bowl’ Voice actors, cast, characters, character list, theme song/synopsis.

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Exciting news for fans of the novel ‘Weird Person’s Salad Bowl’! The captivating story, penned by Yomi Hirasaka and brought to life with illustrations by Kantoku, is set to be transformed into a thrilling TV anime.

Synopsis: While following Sosuke Kaburaya, a poor detective, he meets Sara, a princess from another world who can use magic. Sosuke begins living with Sarah one after another, but Sarah quickly adapts to modern Japan. On the other hand, Livia, a female knight who was transferred following Sarah, has a surprisingly fun time even though she lives with her homeless girlfriend.

Prepare for a laughter-filled adventure as two individuals from another world, living life to the fullest, leave a lasting impact on not just Sosuke but also the eccentric inhabitants of this land. This unique comedy, a collaboration between Hirasaka Yomi and Kantoku, promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Comment from Yomi Hirasaka
A work published by Shogakukan in which a child with a genius brain plays a detective is now an anime! We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the readers who have supported us thus far and those involved in the anime industry who found this work out of many others. Watching the characters lively move around the streets of Gifu, viewers will be under the illusion that “Sara and Livia exist! Gifu exists!” I hope it becomes an anime.

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