Ayane Sakura & Akari Kito ‘Ah, there is tears in life’ cover of ‘Mito Komon’ Episode 4 ED.

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The fourth episode of the TV anime “Tsuki-led another world journey” based on the light novel born from the book posting site “Let’s become a novelist” was broadcast on July 28th on TOKYO MX and others the role of Tomoe in the ending. “Oh, there are tears in my life” covered by Ayane Sakura and Akari Kito, who played the role of Mio, was played. It was a familiar song as the opening theme of the popular drama “Mito Komon,” and it became a hot topic that Natsuki Hanae, who played the role of Makoto Fukasumi, covered the song the ending of the first episode.

The official YouTube channel of MBS has released a non-credit version of the ending of Episode 4. “Oh, there are tears in my life,” sung by Mr. Sakura and Mr. Kito, will be distributed on each music distribution site from midnight on July 28th.

Mr. Sakura said about the cover of “Oh, there are tears in life,” “I thought it would be the best and happiest event for a character named Tomoe who loves Mito Komon. A happy-faced Tomoe came to my mind. I’m content too, “he recalled.

“When I heard that famous song was a cover, I was under tremendous pressure, but the arrangement of the music I received was very revolutionary, and I remember being encouraged to take this momentum with all my might. I went to the recording thinking that I could sing with a solid voice to not lose to the strong instruments. “

Mr. Kito, who was watching the “Mito Komon” series with his grandfather when he was a child, said, “I was pleased to be able to sing at work like this! I wanted my grandfather to listen to what was completed early! At the same time, we sang the metal-arranged version, so what kind of impression would my grandfather have when he heard it. I was fidgeting (laughs). ” Regarding the recording, “The key was very high, so I tried my best to sing! I wanted to sing with Mio’s luster, but I was conscious of making a difference so that it would not resemble Tomoe. I sang. “

“The Moon Leads a Different World” is a light novel written by Kei Azumi and illustrated by Mitsuaki Matsumoto. Makoto Fukasumi, an ordinary high school student, is summoned to another world as a hero. Still, the goddess says that her face is ugly, she is stripped of her hero’s title, and she is sent to the farthest wilderness. Story. True will exert unconventional power in magic and combat. The animation will be directed by Shinji Ishihira, such as “FAIRY TAIL,” and produced by C2C, such as “Wandering Witches.”

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