‘Bokura Baby Bears’ 1/30 Japan’s first broadcast commemoration! Unique project broadcast on 1/16 & 1/23 for two consecutive weeks

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Carefully selected “We Bare Bears” feature films, special episodes, and baby bears appearance episodes for two consecutive weeks-

Turner Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Masami Takahashi), which operates the anime channel “Cartoon Network,” will release the original anime series “Bokura Baby Bears” on the afternoon of January 30, 2022 (Sun). First broadcast in Japan from 2 o’clock. We will send a unique project to commemorate the broadcast as a “special just before the start” on January 16 (Sun) and January 23 (Sun) for two consecutive weeks.

“We Bare Bears” is a spin-off series of the animated series “We Bare Bears” produced at Cartoon Network Studios. A story about a cute baby bear riding a magic box and traveling through a colorful world while searching for his own home. Baby Grizz (Mariya Ise), Baby Panda (Mari Uchiyama), and Baby Ice Bear (Ayaka Nanase) will be in charge of dubbing Japanese.

In commemoration of Japan’s first broadcast of “Bokura Baby Bears” on January 30 (Sun), “Special just before the start” will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks.

On January 16 (Sun), we will send you two works, the feature film “We Bare Bears The Movie” and the special episode “We Bare Bears-Chase Captain Canny.”

On Sunday, January 23, we will carefully select and deliver episodes in which Baby Bears will appear from “We Bare Bears” in the second installment.

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