Chinese WEB animation ‘Kanka Diary’ Japan’s first broadcast! Everyday drawing of ‘manized’ gods and youkai and otaku girls

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Japan’s first broadcast of the WEB animation “Kanka Diary” by the production staff of the legendary animation “100,000 pieces of cold laughter” that pioneered the Chinese WEB animation industry has been decided. On January 12, 2022, it will start at the CS broadcasting station “Satellite Theater.”

“Kanka Nikki” is set in a world where everything is Hanka (manized), and Sue Mortin, a nerdy girl, born between a god and a youkai, sends a funny and absurd daily life with a god and a youkai who are Hanka (manized). It’s an anime that depicts a figure.

The Chinese video-sharing site “bilibili” received a high rating of 9.8 out of 10 points. The second term, delivered in early 2021, is also trendy because of its unbelievable content, just like the first term.

Speaking of Chinese animation, these days, we are gradually increasing the number of fans in Japan with “Roshao Helsinki, the future I choose” and “Mado Zu Shi.” Still, this work is being broadcast in Japan. It will be the first time. It looks like it will be work that I want to check out at this opportunity.

The anime “Kanka Diary” will start broadcasting on January 12, 2022, at the CS broadcasting station “Satellite Theater.”

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