‘Delicious Party ♡ Precure,’ episode 42! Godaz’s scheme

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From the TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Precure” currently being broadcast on 24 ABC TV and TV Asahi affiliated networks nationwide, the 42nd episode “Godatz’s Plan Precious vs. Black Pepper” will be posted on Sunday, January 8th. Synopsis & preceding scene cut has been released.

The motif of this work is meals and dishes “rice.” The themes are “feelings of gratitude” and “joy of sharing,” and the keywords are “rice is a smile.”

A new Pretty Cure plays an active role in a beautiful town, a delicious town where delicious food from all over the world gathers. I want to protect everyone’s “delicious smile”! The warmest and most delicious Pretty Cure is born!

TV anime “Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure,” episode 42 synopsis & scene cut

Episode 42 “Go-Dazs’ Plan: Precious vs. Black Pepper” The true identity of Go-Dazs, the Phantom Thief Bundol Gang leader, is Fennel (cv. Satoshi Mikami).

The Special Delicious Stone, which Cinnamon (CV. Tetsuhiro Ikeda) inherited from Ginger, was divided into Rosemary (CV. Tomoaki Maeno) and Fennel after Cinnamon was chased from Cookingdam. Now, Godaz has a new stone in his hands…!?

Go-Dazs declares that he will make everything, including cooking, his own with the power of Recipe Bon. So he captures the rice ball recipeppi and makes Gossori Ubauzou appear.

On the other hand, Kadahira and Rosemary rush to the wounded Yui (CV. Kana Hishikawa) and others and confront Go-Dazs.

And Black Pepper (cv. Yuma Uchida), who tries a certain thing under his father’s instructions, learns a particular fact from the past -!?

Episode 42 Staff
Screenplay: Junpei Yamaoka, Storyboard: Iwao Teraoka/Yuriko Kado/Kana Shinohara, Director: Kana Shinohara, Animation Director: Hitomi Matsuura, Art: Yuri Takagi

Delicious Party ♡ Precure Episode 42 Trailer “Go-Datsu’s Plan Precious vs. Black Pepper”

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