‘Crayon Shin-chan’s No. 1 famous sub-character Buriburizaemon episode

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The national anime “Crayon Shin-chan” has been broadcast on TV Asahi since 1992 (every Friday at 4:30 p.m.). Last year, on the program’s official website, we targeted sub-characters with strong personalities (= stomachs) that appeared on TV broadcasts other than Shinnosuke, Hiroshi, Misae, Himawari, Shiro, Kazama-Kun, Nene-chan, Masao-Kun, and Bo-chan. As a result, the “Crayon Shin-chan Stomach General Election” was held. Buriburizaemon won first place.

It was promised that a special episode in which the character selected for the Grand Prix would be very active was broadcast on the ground, but finally today (7th), “Buriburi” Zaemon’s Adventure Stomach General Election” broadcast. A visual drawn by the production team has also been released, with the overly rich “stomach” piled up in order of ranking, and Buriburizaemon reigning at the top.

Once again, if you untie the voting results of the “Crayon Shin-chan Stomach General Election,” the first place is Buriburizaemon. Many enthusiastic opinions were seen, such as “Always betraying his friends in the middle, but he has a sense of justice that will help him in the end, so I love him!”

In 2nd place is Ai Suotome, who is loved by fans for being “cute!” Next came Action Kamen in 4th place and Ume Matsuzaka in 5th place.

In the “Buriburizaemon’s Adventure ~Stomach General Election~” that will be broadcast this time, Buriburizaemon, who won first place, will be at the top, Suotome Ai-chan, Nanako Onee-san, Action Kamen, Matsuzaka-sensei, and that maniac character. Until the stomach general election, All-Stars appeared in large numbers.

Set in the town where the “Popularity Vote” was held, Shinnosuke and Buriburizaemon, the drifters who will serve as the bodyguards of Vinegar Castle. According to the lord of the castle, Aitachi Suotome, there have recently been many incidents of someone scribbling at the court. At that moment, Nanako’s scream echoes…!? Buriburizaemon, who boasts of winning first place and is entirely on top, and the overflowing charm of the top winners are also highlighted.

Director Yuji Muto said The plan was to feature the character who won first place in the general election, but we decided to expand it further and include the top 10 characters. The feeling that was in the movie will also make a surprise appearance. Well, it’s fun to see what kind of character will appear!

On the 7th, in addition to “Buriburizaemon’s Adventure Stomach General Election,” “This year is! Dazo” and “Exciting writer’s helper” will be broadcast.

“Crayon Shin-chan Stomach General Election”

  1. Buriburizaemon
  2. Ai Suotome
  3. Nanako Ohara
  4. Action Kamen
  5. Ume Matsuzaka
  6. Kuriyo Yurima
  7. Musae Koyama (Misae sister)
  8. Fuka Tatsuko Zume (Saitama Red Scorpion Corps)
  9. Bunta Takakura (principal teacher)
  10. Yasuo Kawamura (Cheetah)
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