Digimon Adventure: Episode 52 “Dance of the Heavens” A new adventure for children Junkmon

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The 52nd episode “Tenmai Hououmon” of the new TV anime ” Digimon Adventure:” of the  popular ” Digimon ” series will be broadcast on Fuji TV and others at 9 am on June 13.

A new adventure for children begins to avoid the “huge ruin” of the digital world. On the journey guided by the coat of arms, Taichi Yagami and Sora Takenouchi stop by an island with active volcanic activity and meet Digimon Junkmon, who is responsible for the construction of the island. Junkmon will work hard to add embankments to protect the island’s Digimon from the upcoming volcanic eruption. The skies also help, but Biyomon gets injured on the way. The sky struggles alone not to force Piyomon, and Piyomon wants to be with the sky. The feelings of the two gradually pass each other.

 ”Digimon Adventure:” is a reboot of the first TV animation “Digimon Adventure” that was broadcast from March 1999 to March 2000. Set in 2020, it depicts Taichi Yagami, a fifth-grader in elementary school, and other “chosen children” adventuring.

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