For the first time in the history of ‘Sunday’, the appendix includes an illustration of ‘Conan’ Takagi & Detective Sato.

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In the appendix of the June issue of the manga magazine “Shonen Sunday S”, released on the 25th, a marriage registration with an illustration of the popular manga “Detective Conan” appeared. According to Shogakukan, “It is the first” Sunday “appendix to” marriage registration “in history.”

This is to commemorate the big hit of the animated movie “Detective Conan Halloween Bride”, which is currently being released. It is a marriage registration with illustrations of detective Takagi and detective Sato who are active in the movie version.

In addition, the same issue is entitled “4th consecutive” Detective Conan “connecting cover” and is a line drawing cover drawn by Gosho Aoyama, which is connected to the July-September issue of “Shonen Sunday S”. Who is the famous character who is also active in the movie being screened, Rei Furuya’s police academy synchronization, Morofushi and Hagiwara? The whole picture of the newly drawn cover will be clarified by connecting the bodies in a row for No. 4.

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