Gen Hoshino’s Lie-The charm I felt again in’ Audrey here and there.’

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Gen Hoshino appeared on June 30 in the talk-variety show “Achikochi Audrey” (TV Tokyo), in which Audrey’s Masayasu Wakabayashi and Toshiaki Kasuga act as MCs.

Real Talk with the two of Audrey, and the program is so remarkable that his remarks are often featured on the net news. At the same time, many guests of talents and entertainers, an “artist” named Gen Hoshino, may appear, which gives the impression that he was attracting more attention even before the broadcast. Hoshino just talked with Wakabayashi in the fifth official yearbook, “YELLOW MAGAZINE 2020-2021” (released at the end of April 2021), which he publishes once a year. In addition, Kasuga’s wife, Kumi, who professes to be a big fan of Hoshino, appeared in “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” (broadcast on June 19) and sang Hoshino’s song “Family Song” as a couple. What kind of “real intention” did Gen Hoshino tell to the two Audrey who has a lot to do with something? While taking up Hoshino’s remarks in the program, I will reconsider its appeal.

Gen Hoshino’s lies

“I’m holding” like “This is the word that Gen Hoshino said when he made a guest appearance in “Achikochi Audrey.” In the program, he talked about “the pain of being struck by others.” People want to categorize others immediately by their appearance and atmosphere. For example, there are words such as “Yin-Yang” and “Yin-Yang,” but if you are having fun with your friends, you can say “Yin-Yang.” It’s not a thing. In that sense, while I was married to Yui Aragaki, I want to fall in love with the anime “Love, Chunibyo! I thought that Gen Hoshino, who was making a love song while watching “Tamako Market,” was “Gen Hoshino,” which didn’t apply to anything.

No matter how popular he becomes, he gets excited about AV and anime on the radio and often leaves his fans behind. No matter how happy you write the song “the hell of this world” into the lyrics. I realized again in this “Audrey here and there” that this lack of lies is one of the attractions of Gen Hoshino. Rather than being a “person with no front and back,” I have no intention of hiding both the front and back. Of course, I don’t know if it’s a representation of Gen Hoshino, but even if I watch music, books, TV, radio, and many faces, Gen Hoshino exists there without blurring.

Just express what you have in yourself as it is. In his words, the attitude of trying to create interesting things in “a world like shit” and “hell” is consistent. Fans, no, I’m attracted to that figure.

The affinity between Gen Hoshino and “Achikochi Audrey.”

“I’m a person who realizes that it’s not the central axis, rather than the person who has been the central axis all the time. I always have the feeling that I want to make what I think the central axis, so at first of the roller is Tamaniite seniors who noticed that sort of, I’d be or who praised, gradually as the fact that what I do has become the central axis, something usually. Something ” Gen Hoshino commonplace to pop me. I think it’s a different person, and I think it’s different, and I feel that it’s becoming more and more unpraised, and it’s becoming commonplace.

” As the word says, Gen Hoshino shuddered again at the greatness of “making his music the main axis.” Perhaps most people don’t think “I’m a maniac” when listening to Gen Hoshino’s music. So naturally, Gen Hoshino balances maniac in pop. Gen Hoshino’s music, which the public thinks “easy to understand! It’s pop!”, Is mixed with a few drops of underground maniac muddy juice.

The fear and comfort of having a small amount of drug mixed in the supper I eat every night make me addicted little by little. If that happens, I can’t escape from Gen Hoshino anymore. Although my feelings have changed, the “root” part of the music created by Gen Hoshino has not changed in a good way. It can be said that the times have caught up with Gen Hoshino or that Gen Hoshino has moved the times. Gen Hoshino said, ” Audrey here and there.

It seems inevitable now that it appears in the program. In the song “Film,” released in 2012, there are the lyrics “This world is like a smile, and there are various things,” but I think it is a phrase that applies to the program of “Audrey here and there.”

This program, which usually has no choice but to throw it in the trash can, sublimates the bitterness and hardships that dogs do not eat into the most exciting content, and Gen Hoshino, who can put “love” and “feces” in the song at the same time, is precisely compatible. It’s no wonder that this is the first time for a lump. And those two have finally met. It was a miracle time.

Gen Hoshino and “Erotic”

And did you notice that another miracle different from the main story was happening? Gen Hoshino has the greatest weapon to remember. Yes, it is “erotic.”

“Here and there Audrey New York,” in Ruriko Kojima guest times, and a brother program “Kachikochi Audrey” is爆誕, “drop is too intense” to the difference between the contents of the Hoshino Minamotokai is on the SNS “last week of Kachikochi Audrey What was it? “, But don’t get me wrong.

In the flow of the program, it was such a serious talk, but Gen Hoshino is undoubtedly the man on the “Kachikochi Audrey” side. No matter how much it sells or with whom, Gen Hoshino’s quest for eroticism and sexuality, who talks about TENGA love and shouts FANZA love, is out of the ordinary. No, it is no exaggeration to say that Gen Hoshino is “a true Audrey here and there.”

This time, he talked about the struggle to sell and the pain of creating, but if you have a chance to appear as a guest on the program, please broadcast “Kachikochi Audrey Hoshino Gen SP.” I want five people to have a “self-improvement talk” with New York. I thought so strongly.

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