Guy Ritchie directed Disney’s live-action version of ‘Hercules.’

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Walt Disney makes a live-action movie of the feature-length anime “Heracles” (1997), which depicts the unknown youthful love and adventure journey of Greek mythological hero Hercules. He is a big hit with the live-action version “Aladdin.” It was revealed that Guy Ritchie, who led the movie, would retake the megaphone. The US Deadline reports exclusively.

The live-action version of “Hercules” produced by AGBO, the production company of the Anthony & Joe Russo brothers known for the “Avengers” series, is Dave Callaham (“Wonder Woman 1984” and “Legend of Shang-Chi Ten Rings”). He has already written a draft and is currently looking for a screenwriter to finish it. At this stage, details such as casting and shooting start times are unknown.

Director Ritchie, who has just finished shooting a new untitled movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will release his latest work, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Gale, which has teamed up with Jason Statham again this fall. Is ahead.

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