Kazue Ito shows off the ink painting of ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Nezuko Kamado, ‘talented’ and ‘great sense!’

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Actress Kazue Ito will update her Instagram by the 26th. Her ink paintings have been released and are attracting her attention.

She has been riding the first Nissan Cima purchased in 1990 for over 30 years, and Ito unveiled her restored car in December last year. She is also known for her calligraphy skills, and she posted a bamboo painting on Instagram on the 8th of this month, saying, “I tried to draw an ink painting for the first time. How about it?”

After that, she continued to throw her ink paintings, saying, “It’s fun to draw a picture with only black ink.” In her post on the 25th, she uploaded a picture of a woman saying, “I drew a girl with long hair.” She further commented that she was “a little adult” and uploaded an ink painting depicting Kamado Nezuko from the popular manga “Kimetsu no Yaiba.”

Her followers have said, “I have a great sense of anime!”, “I’m very good at drawing,” “I want,” “I have a talent,” and “I look like Kazue-chan.”

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