‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ 4 scenes cut in the anime + 1 ‘I wanted to see it with a voice!’

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A collection of “regrettable!” Scenes that I wanted to see in the anime

Immediately after the final episode of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was reached on February 13, 2022, the decision to make “Swordsmith’s Village” into a TV animation was announced. This is good news for fans who miss the end of “Yukaku”.

Although “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is highly evaluated for its faithful animation, many scenes of the original have been cut up to “Yukaku”. Here are four locations where fans said, “I’m sorry to have been cut.”

Like a four-frame manga! Condition of Kamaboko Corps

After the battle at Mt. Natagumo was over and he was drawn to the Hahira Meeting, Sumijiro reunited with Zenitsu at the butterfly mansion. Sumijiro learns that Zenitsu and Inosuke are also injured and resting at this time.

In the original, here is a commentary on each of the injuries of Tanjiro Kamado and others. Compared to Zenitsu and Inosuke, who are seriously injured, including Kanjiro, Tanjiro is almost unchanged. However, the explanation here was interesting.

For example, in the case of Tanjiro Kamado, it is a severe commentary like a medical record.

“Charcoal Jiro, cuts on the face, arms and legs, many abrasions, whole-body muscle pain, muscle strain, mandibular bruise.”

The commentary on Zenitsu and Inosuke’s injuries is also severe. However, Sadako was only commented in one word. The condition of Sadako with a stern expression is.

“Mamiko, lack of sleep !!”

It’s like a punch line for a four-frame manga. Some fans said, “I wanted to see Mamiko, lack of sleep.”

Zenit talks to the box of Mameko in pajamas.

Charcoal Jiro and his friends, who have healed their injuries at Mt. Natagumo, will enter “functional recovery training”. In this functional recovery training, Zenitsu and Inosuke once gave up. After patiently training, Kanjiro learns “total concentration and constant”.

Zenit and Inosuke, who were impatient when they saw the rapidly growing Kanjiro, were encouraged by Shinobu and started up. I spent nine days learning “Full Concentration / Always”.

The sword that had been broken during that time was newly completed, and Sumijiro and Inosuke received it from the swordsmiths. Meanwhile, there is a scene in which Zenitsu in pajamas talks to Zenitsu in the box. Unfortunately, this scene was also cut in the anime.

“But now he’s happy to be able to do what he couldn’t do. Sumijiro has always encouraged me. He’s a good brother, Tanjiro-chan.”

The growth of Zenitsu, who said, “I’m not good at making efforts”! It is regrettable that “I wanted to see it in animation and hear Hiro Shimono’s acting.”

Kanawha falls from the porch.

Kurihara Ochi Kanawo was abused by his parents when he was young, and he couldn’t express his intentions. He was throwing a bronze coin when he had to decide something.

Looking at such Kanawo, Kanjiro said, “I wonder if the voice of my heart is small”, which makes one suggestion. When you throw a bronze coin, and the “front” appears, “Kanawo will listen to your heart’s voice from now on.”

The bronze coins thrown by Tanjiro Kamado came out. To the surprised Kanawo, Kanjiro says he kept throwing bronze coins until he came out, even if it was behind the scenes. After Kanjiro left, Kanawo clasped his bronze coin in his chest.

This famous scene was also aired in the 26th episode of the first season of the TV anime. However, in the original, Kanawo suddenly returns to me after this. Kanawo was called from behind by one of her three daughters, Kiyo-chan, and fell from the porch.

It was a pity that it wasn’t visualized in the animation because it was a comical scene where you can see the unexpected appearance of Kanawo, who can’t express emotions.

Narration without muscular mice

Yosuke, who infiltrated the Yukaku in the “Yukaku edition”, was dressed as a woman and could not bring in a sword. The sword was delivered to Inosuke by the ninja beast “Mukimuki Mouse” trained by Umeda Tengen. Although he has a small body, his muscles are muscular, and he walks on the ceiling to carry his sword.

A muscular mouse appeared in the 4th episode “Tonight” of “Yukaku Hen” in the anime. It was also talked about that the voice actor was Subaru Kimura. It was explained in the “Taisho rumours” at the end of the fourth episode …

The narration in the original was cut. In the original story, “Mukimuki Mouse” is discussed.

“The” Ninja Beast “Mukimuki Mouse, the messenger of Tengen, has received special training and is extremely intelligent. As you can see, it has strong power. One sword can be lifted by one.”

A surreal scene where the reader was embarrassed by the sudden narration of “as you can see”. I wanted to see it with narration or telop.

It should not be a cut! Extra edition “Inosuke Otogi-zoshi.”

The past of Kanawo was drawn in the 25th episode of the first season of the TV anime “Tsuguko, Kanao Ochi Kanawo”. In the original, it is a scene that corresponds to the “extra edition” recorded in the 7th volume of the book.

Since the different edition of Kanawo was animated, will “Inosuke Otogi-zoshi” published in the 10th volume of the book “Yukaku” as the same extra edition be animated in “Yukaku”? It was expected.

However, unfortunately, this extra edition depicting Inosuke’s past has not been animated in the “Yukaku edition”. However, this is not cut, and you can expect it to be animated later.

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