‘Kurayu Kaba’ Tomoyo Kurosawa, Yu Serizawa preface completed for additional cast Original animation directed by Shigeyoshi Tsukahara

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It has been revealed that Tomoyo Kurosawa and Yu Serizawa will appear as voice actors in the original animation “Kurayukaba,” directed by Shigeyoshi Tsukahara, who has worked on the live production animation of the spirit “Hata no Mukaifu  ” and the band ” SEKAI NO OWARI.” Mr. Kurosawa plays a character called Tanne, and Mr. Serizawa plays a character named Saki. It was also announced that the introductory chapter of the work was completed. Screening of director Tsukahara’s work, including pilot version and preface “Kurayukaba Preface / Yaeidou no Rutsu-Special Screening of Tsukahara Shigeyoshi’s Work-” will be held at Cine Libre Ikebukuro (Toshima-Ku, Tokyo) from August 13 to 26. It will be held.

Mr. Kurosawa said, “When I participated in the audition, I saw Mr. Tsukahara’s work leading up to this work, and I was utterly captivated. The audio recording of this work was also very patient and polite, so I thought about it together. While kneading, I enjoyed being involved. I’m still a mystery about Tanne, but I played as hard as I could. I hope you enjoyed it. “

Mr. Serizawa said, “I am very honored to be able to appear in Tsukahara’s first feature-length animation work this time! I am a very dear child. Thank you! “

In “Kurayu Kaba,” the main character, Sotaro, pursues the mystery of the mass disappearance in the depths of the darkness of the abyss. Pochi is in charge of art setting and original drawing arrangement, and Kazunori Minagawa is in character design. Pancakes produced it. Kodan Matsunojo Kanda acts as the voice actor for the main character, Sotaro.

Crowdfunding was carried out in 2018, and a pilot version of “Kurayukaba Pilot Film” was produced. The second crowdfunding was carried out in 2020, and with the support of 15.7 million 364 yen, it was decided to create a feature-length animation. The pilot version is available on the official Twin Engine YouTube channel.

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