Makoto Ojiro ‘Kimi wa Insomnia after school’ will be made into TV animation and live-action movies.

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Makoto Ojiro’s “Kimi wa Houhou Insomnia” will be made into TV animation and a live-action movie.

“Kimi wa Houhou Insomnia” is a youth story set in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, depicting a high school boy, Nakami Log, who suffers from insomnia, and a high school girl, Song Isaki, who has the same worries.

It was serialized in the weekly Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan), and when the 7th volume was released last year, the animation PV was released.

The latest eight volumes of the book will be published today on January 12th. Illustrations commemorating the TV animation and live-action movie were sent from Ojiro.

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