millennium parade x Ringo Shiina Collaborate on ‘W RK’ as Opening Song for TV Anime ‘Jigokuraku.’

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“I’m looking forward to listening to everyone because it’s great to work that I’m proud of. ” “W RK” has been selected as the opening theme for the TV anime ” Hell Raku, “which will start broadcasting on Tokyo TV and others from April 1st.

Millennium parade x Ringo Shiina “W RK” animation “Hell Raku” 2nd PV Tsuneda has had much respect for Shiina since before. It is known that he had exchanged with Shiina before his debut when he was around 20 years old, such as sending demo songs to Shiina for him to listen to them. However, it was often discussed as “I want you to collaborate.” Such a long-awaited collaboration has finally come true. Artist comments have also arrived. At the same time, the second PV of the TV anime “Jigoku Raku,” which features the opening theme “W RK,” will be released for the first time.

Along with the music, the appearance of the characters who challenge the harsh battle of life and death is projected, and the expectations for the broadcast are even higher. Please look forward to the start of the main broadcast. From Daiki Tsuneda, going back to around 2019, I started making songs with her without any purpose, but I didn’t release them to the world (a different song from this theme song).

After some time passed, in 2023, I received an offer from the Jigokuraku team and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for the two of us, so I invited Ringo again and decided to write a new song.

Thank you, Jigokuraku, for this fantastic opportunity! I’m looking forward to everyone listening to it because it’s a great piece I’m proud of. Shiina Ringo: (C) MIKA NINAGAWA Daiki Tsuneda: (C) TOMOYUKI KAWAKAMI Program information TV Tokyo “Hell Raku” Broadcast every Saturday from 23:00 on Saturday, April 1st

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