“Nagi no Asukara” “From Tomorrow in the Colored World” “White Sand Aquatope” Collaboration Exhibition Held in Tokyo and Osaka

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A joint exhibition of three original TV animations produced by PA WORKS and director Toshiya Shinohara will be held in Tokyo and Osaka, including the on-air “The Aquatope on White Sand.”

“From Nagi no Asukara” x “From Tomorrow in the Colored World” x “White Sand Aquatope” Collaboration Exhibition-Around the Colors of the Sea-, “November 12-21, Shibuya Modi, Tokyo, 2022 It will be held from January 13th to 24th in Namba Marui, Osaka. In addition to exhibiting production materials, showing famous scenes selected by fans, and message corners from staff and cast, you can also listen to newly shot voices in the exhibition.

New original goods are also planned to be sold at the venue, and the picture book “Nanairo Penguins” that appeared in the work of “From Tomorrow in the Colored World” will be resold.

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