Overseas baseball game ‘MLB The Show 22’ is doing its best for Shohei Ohtani! The deluxe version illustrates the dual wield samurai-style by Mr Takashi Okazaki of ‘Afro Samurai.’

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It was announced that the package art of each luxury version of the overseas baseball game “MLB The Show 22” will feature an illustration of Shohei Otani by Takashi Okazaki, who is known for “Afro Samurai”.

Otani was selected as the cover athlete to decorate the cover of this work’s package because of his success in the Los Angeles Angels last season. The illustration by Mr Okazaki is drawn as a samurai of “dual wield” that symbolizes the distinctive play style. There is also an anime-style battle scene of “pitcher Otani” and “batter Otani” in the announcement video.

By the way, while Fernando Tatís Jr. of Padres was selected as the regular version in the last year’s edition, the late Jackie Robinson, a legend in the luxury edition, was appointed, and the luxury edition and limited edition in overseas sports games. It is not uncommon to appoint a person different from the regular version (such as a famous player in the past).

Under such circumstances, going with Otani in both the regular and luxury versions can be said to be a sign that the “The Show” series sees the activity of the player, who is locally called “Shotime”, as a great opportunity. ..

This work will be sold in Japan on PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. While the regular version will be released on April 5, the luxury version (MVP edition, digital deluxe edition) can be played in advance from April 1.

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