‘Pochitto na’ is on the rise. Boyacky role, Joji Yanami dies

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On the 14th, it was revealed that voice actor Joji Yanami, who was in charge of the back of the anime “Yatterman,” Chuta Ban of “Star of the Giants,” and the narration of “Dragon Ball,” died on the 3rd. Rice field. He is 90 years old. His affiliation, Aoni Production, was announced on the official website on the 14th. It is said that his funeral and farewell ceremony was held only by his relatives.

In response to Mr. Yanami’s obituary, words such as “Pochitto na,” “High school girls all over the country,” and “Time Bokan” have emerged as trends on the Internet. “Pochitto na” is a classic “Boyacky” one of the three evil “Drombo gangs” of “Yatterman” whose voice was handled by Mr. Yanami. When he presses the switch, he makes an onomatopoeic voice and says, “click.”

The generation who watched the Time Bokan series in real-time sometimes playfully said “click” when pressing the switch, even in everyday life. It is said that it became a standard from Mr. Yanami’s ad-lib. When purchasing a product online, clicking confirm at the end is called “Michiru,” a derivative of “pochette na.”

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