Popular animation ‘Bozzaro’ depicting the band scene calls attention to fans’ pilgrimage to sacred places. ‘I would be very happy if you could experience live.’

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TV anime “Bocchi the Rock! On the official website and Twitter, a warning was issued regarding visits to live houses modeled for places that appear in work.

“Bocchi the rock! The official news page is titled “Regarding visits to model sites under construction.” The wording has been published.

“I would be pleased if you could experience the live.”
Thank you for always supporting the anime “Bocchi the Rock!” I want to ask everyone who visits the place that became the model in work.

If you are visiting the site, please consider not disturbing the live house, shops, residents, and the area. Please refrain from visiting in groups, blocking the road, making noise, etc. Also, I would be very happy if you could buy a ticket and experience the live at the live house. Your support is our strength every day. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Anime “Bocchi the Rock! ] From the official website

Anime “Bocchi the Rock! Real episodes such as performances at live houses are also popular among Manga artist Aki Hamaji’s original TV animation “Bocchi the Rock!’. It depicts the activities of a band of four high school girls, a unity band, and was broadcast from October to December 2022.

The unity band’s album, released after the end of the broadcast, won high rankings on iTunes and many other music-related service charts. It has also been highly evaluated, such as advancing to the top of the famous overseas music review site “AOTY.”

The original is serialized in Houbunsha’s manga magazine. I am speaking of Houbunsha’s music comics, K-ON! There is. “K-ON!” depicts the youth of a club band, this work represents a figure immersed in full-scale music activities centered on live houses, and there are many more realistic episodes related to the music industry and live performances. It is a feature.

For this reason, Shimokitazawa, the center of the Japanese band scene, is depicted as the main stage, and there is a background that has become the focus of attention from fans who have seen the anime.

The management is calling on such fans to buy tickets and enjoy live performances on the spot when they visit live houses.

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