“SK∞ SK8” will be staged & a new animation project started!

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The production of the stage “SK∞ SK8 The Stage” of the TV anime “SK∞ SK8” has been decided. At the same time, the start of a new animation project was announced.

“SK∞ SK8 The Stage” The director of “SK∞ SK8” is Hiroko Utsumi (“Free!” “BANANA FISH”), and the series composition and script is Ichiro Okouchi (“Code Geass”). Lelouch of the Rebellion”), animation production is an original animation by Bonds (“My Hero Academia”).

The first period of TV animation was broadcast from January 2021. Set in a closed mine, it depicts a skateboard race battle between unique skateboarders, including a second-year high school student who is addicted to the rule-free top-secret race “S” that slides down the mountain on a skateboard. This time, the stage of this work was announced at the night performance of the special event “SK∞ SK Eight Ai no Kamen Butoh” held on July 4th. The title is “SK∞ SK8 The Stage”.

The performance schedule is December 2021 for the first part and January 2022 for the second part.

It was also revealed that a new anime project has started. For other details, please wait for the follow-up report on the official website. Staff Original: Bonds Hiroko Utsumi / Director: Hiroko Utsumi / Series composition / Screenplay: Ichiro Okouchi / Character draft: Hiroko Utsumi / Character design: Michinori Chiba/ Animation director: Michinori Chiba, Kohei Tokuoka, Hiroki Kanno / Skateboard design: Studio No Border / Color design: Yukari Goto / Art director: Yumiko Kondo / 3DCG director: Yota Ando / Shooting director: Masataka Ikegami / Editing: Ayumi Yamagishi / Sound Director: Masafumi Mima / Sound effect: Shizuo Kurahashi / Sachiko Nishi / Music: Ryo Takahashi / Animation production: Bonds Cast calendar [Rubi: Leki]: Yu Hatanaka / Langa: Chiaki Kobayashi / MIYA: Takuma Nagatsuka / Shadow: Kenta Miyake / Cherry blossom: Hikaru Midorikawa / Joe: Yasunori Matsumoto / Yume Ai [Rubi: Adam]: Taketo Koyasu / Tadashi Kikuchi: Kenaki Ono Theme song OP: “Paradise” Rude-α (SME Records) ED: “Infinity” Yuri (Sony Music Labels) (C) Bonds Hiroko Utsumi / Project SK∞

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