New Four Emperors: One Piece Anime Reveals

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One Piece anime traveled to the last season of the Wano Country arc; the new episode sparked the future with the revelation of the new four emperors when everything happened in Wano. ! The Wano Country arc is one of the longest arcs of the anime to date, and it pits Luffy and the Straw Hats against their strongest enemies in the series to date. By confronting two of the emperors of the Sea, the alliance between Luffy, Law, Kid, samurai, and Minks manages to defeat these two villains. It was a big fight in the One Piece anime that took its time to allow the Straw Hats to celebrate such a strong victory, but it was made clear that the ocean outside of Wano fell into chaos while the Straw Hats were isolated on the island. This is made even more true with the revelation of the new sea emperors, where the successors to Kaido and Big Mama are not surprising but the biggest surprise. One Piece: Who are the four emperors after Wano?

As news of Kaido’s defeat of Big Mom comes out of Wano, One Piece Episode 1080 reveals that Luffy, Kid, and Law’s gifts have reached 3 billion. But the big shocker was the revelation of the four new emperors of the Sea now that Kaido and Big Mama had been defeated. Connecting Red-Haired Shanks to Marshall D. Tutorials like Buggy the Genius Jester (type) and Monkey D. Luffy. This means that Luffy became the water emperor when he defeated Kaido.

There are a lot of questions about what’s going on in the other seas, as Buggy managed to reach this high position, and the Kid himself has some questions as he and Law beat the Emperor perfectly. But Luffy is the only person who was crowned in this way, and he was painted behind a large target by people in the sea.

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