‘SK8 the Infinity’ new OVA, TV series 2nd phase decided to be produced Special news release

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The production of the new OVA of the anime “SK∞ SK8” and the second season of the TV series has been decided, and the promotional video has been released.

The main staff includes director Hiroko Utsumi, series composition and script Ichiro Okouchi, character designer Michinori Chiba, and animation producer Bonds. It was revealed during the “SK∞ SK Eight ∞WEEK Special Event” held on August 14th at Palette Municipal Theater in Okinawa.

This series is an original TV animation created by director Hiroko Utsumi of “Free!” and “BANANA FISH” and Bonds.

Koyomi, a second-year high school student who is addicted to the dangerous “S” race, where she skateboards down a closed mine with no rules, invites a returnee transfer student, Ranga, to compete with her rivals in a frenzied race.

painted a figure. The anime will be broadcast from January to April 2021, and the start of a new anime project was announced in July of the same year.

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