Star Flyer collaborates with anime ‘TIGER & BUNNY2’

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Starflyer announced that it will start operating an aircraft designed from the popular anime “TIGER & BUNNY 2” on October 1st. Until March 2023. The company logo of Stafra also appears in the anime.

A collaboration project to coincide with the start of distribution of Part 2 on Netflix in October. Two main characters, Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. will be designed (approximately 3 meters long and 6 meters wide) on the back of the Airbus A320 operated by Stafra.

On the special site, you can find an illustration of the two of them dressed in the staff uniform. During the flight period, drinks will be served in paper cups with original designs on all flights, and a special announcement video will be shown.

We also sell collaboration goods. An unveiling party will be held in the hangar of Kitakyushu Airport (Kitakyushu City) when the flight goes into service, but the participation tour is sold out.

Tiger & Bunny is the story of heroes who protect the peace of the city with the support of sponsor companies. Real companies are sponsored, and heroes fight with corporate logos.

In Part 2, the Stafra logo is also drawn on the motorcycle “Double Chaser” on which Tiger and Bunny ride. (Japanese original by Munehisa Ishida, City News Department)

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