The movie ‘SLAM DUNK’ topped the weekend box office rankings for seven consecutive weeks and exceeded 8.2 billion yen in 44 days.

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The latest box office information of the anime movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK,” released on December 3rd last year, was announced on the 17th. In the 7th week of its release, it ranked first in the weekend box office ranking for the 7th consecutive week, recording 5,671,527 spectators and box office revenue of 8,275,174,840 yen in 44 days.

From the 14th of the new video of the movie “Sladan” in which Miyagi struggles, additional distribution of “Anzai-sensei Tapu-tap Sticker,” which was distributed from New Year’s Day this year and was so popular that “Anzai-sensei” became a Twitter trend word (total nationwide) Limited to 500,000 copies, ends as soon as they run out) has started, and it is attracting more attention.

This work is based on the basketball manga “SLAM DUNK” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1990 No. 42 to 1996 No. 27. The protagonist, Hanamichi Sakuragi, a basketball novice who joins the Shohoku High School basketball club, depicts the rapid blooming of her talent in conflicts with her teammate Kaede Rukawa and matches against solid schools.

The thrilling depiction of the game and the characters who devoted their youth to basketball aroused sympathy from readers. They received overwhelming support, and the cumulative circulation of the series in Japan exceeded 120 million copies. A total of 101 episodes of TV anime were broadcast from 1993 to 1996.

The new movie will be directed and written by original author Takehiko Inoue, and Toei Animation/Dandelion Animation Studio will produce the animation. The voice cast of the five Shohoku members has been renewed from the TV anime version, with Sogo Nakamura as Ryota Miyagi, Jun Kasama as Hisashi Mitsui, Shinichiro Kamio as Kaede Rukawa, Subaru Kimura as Hanamichi Sakuragi, and Takenori Akagi. is in charge of Kenta Miyake.

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