The second PV of the anime “Komi-san is communicative.” Has been released, and Cidergirl is in charge of the OP

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The second PV of the TV anime ” Komi-san is communicative ” based on Tomohito Oda has arrived. Information on the opening theme was also announced.

The opening theme is ” Cinderella, “a cider girl who is also a fan of Oda. In the PV released this time, you can listen to “Cinderella” and a part of the ending theme “Hikareinochi” by Kitri. Cidergirl’s comments are posted at the bottom of the article. Also, as additional broadcasting stations, TV Osaka and TV AichiAlso decided to broadcast on. It was also announced that it would be exclusively distributed on Netflix from October 7. A selection broadcast will be held every Monday and Tuesday on TV Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” from October 11 to October 11.

“Komi-san has communism.” It will be broadcast on TV TOKYO and others from October 6 every Wednesday at 24:00. Komi Glass, a first-year high school student who is a beautiful girl but gets nervous when trying to talk to others, meets her “too ordinary” classmate Tadano and struggles to make 100 friends, albeit clumsy.

Cidergirl comment Congratulations on the animation! I was pleased to hear from you that I would like to ask Cidergirl for the theme song. I made it while thinking about the euphoric worldview of Mr. Furumi, Mr. Tadano, and the characters.

I hope you can help the anime as much as possible. Animation “Komi-san has communism.” TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday from October 6October 6, 2021 (Wednesday) 24: 00- TV Osaka: Every Wednesday from October 6October 6, 2021 (Wednesday) 25:35 -TV Aichi: Every Wednesday from October 6October 6, 2021 (Wednesday) 26: 05- □ Staff Original: Odatomohito General Director: Ayumu Watanabe Director: Issei Kawagoe Series Composition: Deko Akao Character Design: Atsuko Nakajima Art Director: Masaru Sato Color design: Yuki Hayashi Director: Satoshi Namiki Editing: Toshihiko Kojima Music: Yukari Hashimoto Acoustic director: Atsushi Watanabe Acoustic production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO Production: OLM □ Cast Komi Glass: Aoi Koga Hitoshi Tadano: Taketo Kajiwara Familiar with the name: Rie Murakawa Koi Yamai: Rina Hidaka Nakajima: Rumi Okubo Riko Yadano: Ami Maejima Shigeo Washii: Kenji Akabane Many Sonoda: Yumasa Sato Kenaki Ono Akiko Onigashima: Emi Bridcut Sarah Emi Komi Shosuke: Junya Enoki Hitomi Tadano: Marei Uchida Narration: Noriko Hidaka * The height of Noriko Hidaka is officially written as the ladder height. (c) Tomohito Oda Shogakukan / Private Italian High School

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