‘TIGER & BUNNY’ Project restarted for Hollywood live-action TV series.

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The Hollywood live-action project of the popular anime ” TIGER & BUNNY ” has restarted, and Bandai Namco Pictures and SK Global, which handles the movie ” Crazy Rich Asians, “has formed a new partnership on June 3rd.

The live-action version will be a TV series, and M. Raven Metsner, who was involved in Netflix ” Marvel Iron Fist ” Season 2, FOX ” Sleepy Hollow, “etc., will serve as the showrunner and the script that is in charge of production.

The executive producers are Masayuki Ozaki (Bandai Namco Pictures, Bandai Namco Music Live), the executive producer of the latest anime series ” TIGER & BUNNY 2 ” distributed on Netflix, and Sydney, co-founder and co-chairman of SK Global.・ Kimmel, showrunner M. Raven Metsner, and Tetsuya Fujimura worked on the Hollywood live-action versions of “COWBOY BEBOP” and “GHOST IN THE SHELL,” will be in charge.

As a big fan of the ” TIGER & BUNNY ” animated series, I’m pleased to be part of a team that brings this unique and vibrant story to life-action series. We envision a fantastic superhero story that will make the audience feel new. I want to express the meaning of being a hero from a new angle while exploring how social media and TV reality programs are affecting us living in the present age. No one is better than SK Global in achieving this. SK Global is a wonderfully unique company with an international mindset, and I believe it is essential to make a live-action series of these diverse and realistic heroes.

We, Raven, and the Bandai Namco Pictures team are convinced that this unique story has a universal and timeless appeal, so it’s essential to make ” TIGER & BUNNY ” a live-action series. I’m excited about it. Its colorful characters, stunning action, humor, spectacle, and mystery attract contemporary actors, producers, and spectators, even in live-action.

The live-action project of ” TIGER & BUNNY ” has had a lot of twists and turns, and it took various people’s understanding and support to restart it. In difficult situations, I was blessed with good ties, especially by meeting excellent partners who value Asian IP and partners such as SK Global, and I was able to reach a new starting point again. Together with her talented showrunner who loves Tiger & Bunny, M. Raven Metsner, I’m looking forward to delivering new works that will be enjoyed by viewers worldwide while making use of the essence of the original animation.

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