‘Tunnel to Natsu, Sayonara no Deguchi’ The latest trailer showing the theme song written by eill

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The 2nd trailer of the animated movie “Tunnel to Natsu, Sayonara no Deguchi” has been released.

The work is an animation of the light novel of the same name by Yachimomei. High school students Kaoru Tono (voiced by Oji Suzuka) and Anzu Hanashiro (Marie Iitoyo) investigate the mysterious tunnel “Urashima Tunnel” where they can get what they want, and form a cooperative relationship to make their wishes come true. Tomohisa Taguchi of “Akudama Drive” is directing and writing the script, and CLAP of “Pompo who loves movies” is in charge of animation production.

In the trailer, Kaoru and Anzu attempt to conquer the Urashima Tunnel during the summer vacation, with the theme song “Finale.” written by singer-songwriter eill in the background. In addition, Kaoru’s classmates Shohei Kaga (Yu Hatanaka) and Koharu Kawasaki (Arisa Komiya), and Kaoru’s younger sister Karen Tono (Seiran Kobayashi), who died in an accident, are also shown with voice.

“Tunnel to Summer, Exit of Goodbye” will be released nationwide on September 9th.

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