TV anime ‘Kingdom’ 4th series ‘Ai no Kuni Rebellion’ Blu-ray BOX jacket released

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The 4th series of the TV anime “Kingdom”, which is currently being broadcast on NHK General, “Ai Koku Rebellion Blu-ray Box” (released on December 23rd) has been released with a newly drawn anime jacket. The jacket photo, which has been lifted this time, depicts a divine Eisei dressed in the costume of the Kakan no Gi.

In the “Ai Country Rebellion”, the coming-of-age ceremony “Kakan no Gi”, in which Eisei declares himself to be the “31st King of Qin” domestically and internationally, the Empress Dowager is located in Sanyo, one of the military bases.

‘Sanyo’ Offered to rule the whole area, establish a new country “Ai” based in the remote area of ​​​​the north, Taigen, and start a rebellion aiming at the royal capital, Xianyang in the following year. and Lu Buwei also puts the finishing touches on his own ambitions, and the long struggle for power between Ei-sei and Lu Buwei finally comes to an end.

In addition, a new character visual of Shohei, commander-in-chief of the Ai rebel army, has been released. In addition, the preceding scene photo of the 20th episode of the 4th series (broadcast on the 20th) has also been lifted.

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