TV anime ‘Muv-Luv Alternative’, KV & latest PV, additional cast information

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The TV anime “Muv-Luv Alternative,” scheduled to start broadcasting in October 2021, has released strong visuals, the latest PV, theme song artists, and additional cast information.

The key visuals include the seven main characters, including Takeshi Shirogane, and the tactical machine “Fubuki” that appears in work in the background. In addition to the three people who have already been released, four new main characters will be announced in this critical visual. Miku Ito plays the role of Chizuru Sakaki, the squad leader of the training platoon to which the warriors belong. Iori Saeki plays the role of Ayamine Kei, who is always calm. At first glance, it is weak and unreliable. Still, Takako Tanaka plays Miki Tamase, who excels in sniper characteristics, and Lynn plays the role of Mikoto Armor, a mood maker of the training platoon.

And the opening theme song of this work is “Rinkai” by the virtual singer group “VWP” by five artists belonging to KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO (Hanafi, Rim, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, Kouki), and the ending theme song is “TRISTAR” by RON’s sound-making project “STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION,” which is active in various fields such as providing music to many artists and BGM of contents such as animation, is decided bottom.

In the latest PV of the anime, you can listen to a part of both theme songs and the main character that was released for the first time this time.

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