When a Gundam beginner sees the first episode of ‘Z’ for the first time, the shock and confusion of angry waves ‘too much beaten’ ‘Char?’

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If you watch “Z Gundam” immediately after watching the first “Gundam.”

I’m sure there are some works that I’ve been reluctant to do because of the number of stories and the amount of information that accompanies them, even though I was thinking, “Let’s watch, let’s watch.” (In the case of the author) The “Mobile Suit Gundam” series corresponded to that.

Previously, “It’s completely different from the image! I wrote a review of the shocks of seeing the first episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam” for the first time in the article “When I first saw the first episode of” Gundam, “it was a series of shocks.” I watched the whole story as it was and was moved by it, and while I couldn’t sort out various sorrows, the editorial department recommended: the “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” broadcast in 1985.

By “taking” “Mobile Suit Gundam” for the time being, you should have grasped the atmosphere of the work world called “Gundam.” If it’s a sequel, it won’t be that shocking. This was a big mistake.

Once again, the epigastrium was numb due to shocks and confusion. It was shocking to those who watched this in real-time. I will tell you the wonder of the “re-experience” nowadays. (Please note that this article may contain misidentified information due to the nature of the article).

The shock of angry waves flows from the opening. The wonder of “I don’t know the song” in the first place.

(I am) a severely vulnerable Gundam, but I think I had somehow gained “Gundam knowledge” through advertising, TV, and games. Of course, I knew the first “Mobile Suit Gundam” theme song. I thought that if you listen to the theme song of “Z Gundam,” you should be able to understand it even if it doesn’t come to mind.

For example, the song “She’s not an anime, she’s not an anime,” or the music that Hiroko Moriguchi sang … However when the opening “Beyond the Time” is played, it’s just fantastic. I was ashamed to hear it for the first time. It’s just fresh. The image is also a mobile suit; the movement and shadow depiction are elaborate and have multiple impacts.

It is possible to relive the viewer in real-time. Ignorance may be helpful once in a while.

Are you guys Katz, Let’s, Kika? Amuro is normal?

Not only that. The opening is finally at the end. Among the characters lined up in a row are familiar boys and girls. Maybe this is a cutlet, lettuce, or kicker that has grown safely? Did he survive after that war? It was perfect. Or Amuro is on the far left. If you look closely, Mr. Bright also seems the same behind. What exactly does this mean?

This is Char, Char.

The main story will finally begin. A trembling handsome guy is gliding through outer space with a red mobile suit. The name is “Captain Quattro.” This is Char. The design has changed a little, but the dreary and dry-like (CV: Shuichi Ikeda) is Char, no matter how you listen to it. He survived …! First of all, I was deeply moved. And why did you change the name to “Captain Quattro” … Questions and confusion have been congested.

The hero was beaten immediately. It was hit over and over again.

The main character is probably Camille, a beautiful boy with greenish-black hair and blue eyes. Come to think of it, Amuro was the only hero I knew while the “Gundam” series had been going on for a long time. And this Camille was beaten soon after it appeared. That’s also more unreasonable than Mr. Bright. Within a few minutes, he was caught by a unit called “Titans” and received a light lynch, and was beaten by an object during interrogation … I feel sorry for him. Even so, the appearance of facing teeth without giving in was as reliable as it could be.

In conclusion, the shock that we will wait for is the “shock” as a work.

By the time this article was distributed, I think you had already watched “Z Gundam.” The amount of information was so large that it would be overwhelming at the time of the first episode.

Only a few months ago. I can’t go back to when I didn’t know Ryu, Mirai, Kai, and Hayato, and when I didn’t realize Char’s coolness. “Gundam” was the best opportunity to recognize that it would have a decisive impact regardless of age. It may have been a funny thing for the fans, but I’m just grateful to be able to “relive” that time, and I want to know when Seira will come out soon.

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