When I thought about the ability of Uzu Tengen, who fought in ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen’ from a fantasy science perspective, it was ridiculous!

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, today’s research report is.

The anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen” has been completed brilliantly!

The battle full of hardship was a total of 11 episodes that were brilliantly drawn. In the final episode, the past of Riku, Gyutaro, and Daki, who are the first innings, was too sad.

However, in this article, I would like to consider Uzu Tengen.

Born in a Shinobi family, he has three wives and is a flashy “sound pillar.”

At first, I thought it was a high-pressure guy !? He was raising muscular mice. And he said to his wives, “I’m brilliantly deciding the order of life, his first three of you, then the stubborn people, he’s and me.”

Isn’t he a perfect guy?

When Tengen was told by Taro Kaoru, “It’s the talent of choice,” he replied, “Does it look like I have a talent?” I was thinking of Purgatory Anjuro.

He admitted that his ability was not as good as theirs, it seems.

But I can assure you that this is never the case.

It can be fully understood from the fierce battle depicted in the play, but its ability is fantastic from a scientific fantasy point of view.

Dual wield of the sun sword!
Tengen, who likes flashy things, also has a dazzling sword.

A set of two swords with massive blades that look like kitchen knives. Tengen is a magnificent body with a height of 198 cm, but the total length of this Nichirin sword is about 70% of Tengen’s size, estimated from the description on the screen. That means one is 1m38cm!

The blade is 86 cm long and 19.6 cm wide when measured in detail.

The blade has an elliptical hole with a central axis of 16 cm and a minor axis of 8 cm. A typical Japanese sword weighs about 1 kg, equivalent to 7 blades.

Moreover, this is the weight, and Tengen holds one in his left and right hands and swings it around. That alone is amazing.

Grip strength that does not seem to be human
These two words, the handle of which is connected by a chain, Tengen showed how to use Odoroki.

Riku, the prostitute of the first string, was wary of the gunpowder ball of Tengen and had enough time.

However, Tengen’s sun sword shook his cheek! To Taro Kou, it felt as if the blade had stretched because Tengen pinched the tip of one edge with his fingers and flew the other sword!

Indeed, this way, the cutting edge will reach “the total length of the two swords + the length of the chain” and will exceed the gap. If the length of the chain is 60 cm, the total length will be 3 m 36 cm!

However, it is hard to put this into practice. Kotaro was surprised at what kind of grip strength he would do, but he certainly needs excellent grip strength.

The most muscular grip strength is required at the moment when the sword that flew toward the prostitute Taro stretched out and stopped.

Even though it is a “moment,” it is impossible to stop a fast-flying object at a distance of zero, so let’s assume that the space moved from when the chain is fully extended to when the sword comes to rest is 1 cm.

The sword flew at a considerable speed, so if the rate is 150 km / h, the braking force applied to the flying sword is 63 tons, and the power of Tengen’s fingers that support it by pinching it with fingers is 126 tons. !! can not believe it!

Moreover, when sandwiched from both sides in this way, both the thumb and index finger should have exhibited 126 tons. If the other fingers can exert the same force, this “sound column” (the power of the four fingers except for the thumb) is 504t. The average grip strength is less than 50 kg, so 10,000 times that …!

Explode with a sword!
Another thing I would like to pay attention to when using Tengen’s Nichirin sword is to make a hole in the ground.

When Tengen, who was running on the roof, noticed something in the basement, he went down to the ground and chanted “Sound Breathing Ichino-type Todoroki !!!” rice field.

Then, a tremendous explosion occurred, and there was a hole with a diameter of about 2m in the ground!

According to the narration of the original manga, “Dual wield Uzutengen The sword is an explosive power of an order of magnitude. No one has survived by eating it, so the mechanism is unknown at the moment.”

It’s a story that is too crazy.

Tengen also fights with explosives, but it seems that a single swing of a sword caused the explosion here. But is that possible?

When you swing a sword in the air, kinetic energy is lost due to air resistance, turning into heat.

It’s usually a little, but if the speed of the two swings of Tengen was tremendous, a massive amount of heat was generated momentarily, causing the surrounding air to expand rapidly, causing the same phenomenon as the explosion of explosives No.

It’s a pretty aggressive interpretation, but I can only think of this.

In that case, assuming that the depth of the hole is 3 m, Tengen should have generated heat of 5.05 million J (joules).

And, for the heat to be generated by air resistance, he is calculated to swing his left and right sun swords at 19,400 m / s = 70,000 km / h.

If this person played baseball, the hit ball of the home run would exceed Mach 100, shake off the gravity of the sun and the earth, and go beyond the universe. It’s too flashy!

So great Tengen was poisoned by Taro’s “blood sickle” and lost one eye and one arm. I’m surprised at the strength of the first-string demon, but if the opponent isn’t a poisonous demon, I think I could have been more flashy.

However, Uzu Tengen survived. He retired from the pillar and will continue to nurture the younger generation. The work of Tengen, which looks flashy but is solid, is indispensable for the subsequent demon slaughter corps.

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