Won the highest award in the movie “Fortune Favors Lady” and the animation movie award “Scotland Loves Animation”

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The anime movie “Fortune Favors Lady” (directed by Ayumu Watanabe), which was planned and produced by the talent Akashiya Sanma, won the highest award at the anime-only film festival “Scotland Loves Animation” “Jury Award (Judge). It was announced recently that it won the award).

The novel of the same name was a hit of 350,000 copies of Mr. Kanako Nishi, who won the Naoki Prize. It is a heart-full comedy that depicts the bond between parents and children that connects the secrets of mother and daughter.

Regarding the reason for the selection, the judge said, “Two works lined up at the same rate in the vote, and as a result of the re-vote,” Nikuko-chan of the fishing port “was awarded 5 to 1. An unpredictable development that freely depicts the everyday world drawn by realism and the illusion of animation. At this year’s festival, where various works were exhibited, the most faithful film adaptation of the ideal figure of the work The Jury Award was given as a successful work. “

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