‘Yurucamp △’ can be enjoyed no matter how many times you watch it. Review the charm of the TV series for movies.

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The anime “Yurucamp,” which is one of the sparks of the recent camp boom, is based on Afro’s original work and has been serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha) since 2015. Up to 13 volumes of comics have been published, and the cumulative total has exceeded 15 million copies. Many related books such as the extra edition “Heya Can △, “the official guidebook, and “Yuru Can △ Holy Land Pilgrimage Drive & Touring Guide” around the famous places that appeared in work are also on sale. Collaborations with local governments and companies that handle camping and outdoor products are also held. Since “curry noodles” will appear during the work, collaboration with “Nissin Curry Meshi” is underway. Before the movie’s release in July, it was expanding even more.

Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who moved from Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture to Yamanashi Prefecture, met Shima Rin, who has a hobby of solo camp, and members of the same high school “Nokuru (outdoor activity circle),” and centres at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which is rich. And how to enjoy the outdoors is drawn. At first, I couldn’t set up a tent, but in Season 2, I grew up to have a solo camp. In work, how TO related to camping, such as how to make a fire and how to make delicious camping rice, are introduced. Sometimes, you can learn about camping and outdoor activities with the girls who enjoy camping while experiencing failures. In addition, many campsites and surrounding attractions in Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka, etc., are introduced, and anecdotes that are handed down in the area such as “Shipped Taro” are drawn. You can discover the charm of the area through your works.

The anime version of “Yurucamp” started broadcasting in January 2018, and last year “Yurucamp △ SEASON2” was published and is currently being rebroadcast. Yumiri Hanamori (role of Nadeshiko Kaguya), “Kiniro Mosaic” and “Macross Delta” who appear in “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you genius’s love brain battle-” and “Kageki Shojo !!” Famous voice actors such as Sayuri Hara, Aio Toyosaki, and Rie Takahashi will appear, centred on Nao Toyama (role of Rin Shima), who is also active as a member of Walküre. Akari Inuyama’s younger sister Akari and Toba-sensei played by Toyosaki, Ena Saito’s pet dog Chikuwa played by Takahashi, etc. The unique characters brought to life by them run around the screen really lively.

The charm of this work is not limited to the HOW TO of the camp, the cuteness of the characters, and the luxury of the voice actors. It is also attractive that you can feel the temperature and air through the screen, such as the detailed landscape description, the laid-back atmosphere flowing during the work, the coldness of the cool winter morning, and the clear air spreading in the vast campsite. Camping is outside, so the temperature is essential. An episode was broadcast when Chiaki Ogaki (Sayuri Hara), Inuyama, and Ena Saito (Rie Takahashi) camped together. They mistakenly misunderstood the night temperature and were helped by a nearby camper. It is fun, but by realistically depicting the harshness of winter can’s natural enemies such as cold and cold, the warmth of the bonfire and the delicious atmosphere of camping rice may be more conveyed and attract viewers. ..

The opening theme by Asaka, the ending article by Eri Sasaki, and the music of Akiyuki Tateyama, who is in charge of the epitome of music throughout the series, make the work even more brilliant. The perfection is made by “film scoring” that adds a piece to the finished video in real-time, the same method as the epitome of “Kimetsu no Yaiba.” There is a scene where Nadeshiko, who was frightened by the tranquillity of the night when sleeping alone in the tent, sneaks into Rin’s tent, but it is also the power of music that makes the serenity feel quieter, and the coldness feels colder. Eri Sasaki’s “Fuyubiyori” also clearly expresses the winter morning. Asaka’s songs, such as “SHINY DAYS,” also describe the liveliness and fun of the characters and have a welcome feeling that opens a new door for beginners in camping and the outdoors.

Last year, the music event “Yurucamp △ Music Festival 2021” was held in Yamanashi. The talk by the voice actors, the band performance by Tateyama, and the singing of the theme song by Asaka and Sasaki were well received. In collaboration with Nissin Curry Meshi, which is currently being held, a collaboration song “Easy Life, Easy Curry -Curry Meshi no Uta-” sung by Asaka is also produced. The song was written by Sasaki, composed and arranged by Tateyama, and the “Yurucamp △” music team came together to create a new masterpiece with humour. The collaboration video introduces the recipe for setting curry meshi, and voices such as “Eat it” and “Go camping” are gathered.

Also, in 2020, a live-action drama featuring Haruka Fukuhara (role of Rin Shima) and Yuno Ohara (role of Nadeshiko Kagamihara) will be broadcast on TV Tokyo. The story and role-making that faithfully reproduces the original became a hot topic. Many fans were surprised that Yurina Yanagi, who plays the role of her sister Sakura, seems indifferent and takes care of something. Furthermore, it is unique to the drama version that Hiroshi, who became famous as a camping entertainer, made a guest appearance.

“Yurucamp” is a youth ensemble drama that depicts the growth of characters and camping and outdoor enlightenment. Worried about Nadeshiko’s first solo can, Rin and her sister, Sakura, secretly went to see the situation, and Nadeshiko gave her sister a warmer as a part-time job. Compassion also tightens the chest tightly. The key visuals of the movie “Yurucamp,” which will be released in July, have begun to be considered, such as “Is it an adult edition?” After thoroughly enjoying the anime, drama, and collaboration, I would like to see the movie released in July.

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