Debir! Revived Showa taste ‘Devilman’ acrylic logo EX

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“Devilman” was a TV anime broadcast in 1972. Devilman, a member of the Devil tribe who is trying to destroy the human world, betrays the Demon tribe because he loves the human Miki Makimura and fights to protect humans.

The title of “Devilman” has appeared as an acrylic display.

“Devilman” was popular at the time, of course, and it is not only attracting a lot of attention even now due to its catchy opening song and the impact of “Devilman sitting with his arms folded on the steel frame” in the ending video, but also various parodies. It is also the original story.

In addition, the complex and dark development of Go Nagai’s simultaneous manga version (generally regarded as the original), which is significantly different from the anime version, is often discussed.

“Lil Logo Display EX Devilman” is a new work of the “Acrylic Logo Display EX” series developed by Bandai’s apparel division. It is available in two colors, black using black acrylic and clears using transparent acrylic.

Decorate the logo. Decorate with logo. A new display form featuring logos and marks that symbolize the character.

Unlike a general acrylic stand, it has a thickness of about 10 mm and surface treatment to create a strong presence and luxury. It presents the possibilities of various displays, such as decorating with a single item or decorating with a collection.

Devilman, including the manga version, is still on sale in large numbers. In particular, the number of retro soft vinyl items is extensive. Also, at the time of the anime broadcast, the manga version used a title logo with a taste similar to that of the anime version.

Not only the anime version but also various Devilman figures and “Acrylic Logo Display EX Devilman” can be displayed together to further upgrade the display.

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