Craftsman Imagines Celebrities As Disney Characters (17 Pics)

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With such a significant number of Disney’s energized works of art increasing no-frills revamps recently, it’s typical for fans to ponder which entertainers or on-screen characters could play the most acclaimed roles from our adolescence. Along these lines, Filipino craftsman AndrĂ© Manguba, who is a significant devotee of Disney, chose to make a progression of outlines that delineate our preferred famous people as Disney characters, and the outcome is unfathomable!

AndrĂ© Manguba is a 20-year-old self-educated visual craftsman right now dwelling and working in Manila. He is most famous for his amazingly realistic representations; in any case, he additionally has numerous illustrative undertakings. “I generally attempt to challenge myself with out-of-the-container thoughts or ideas that break out of the standard look of a representation drawing. So however much as could be expected, I don’t just draw faces, I add more components to it to make the representation all the more intriguing,” said the craftsman to Bored Panda.

With this venture, he breathes life into Disney characters by envisioning them as mainstream society famous people. “I’m a colossal mainstream society and Disney fan simply like a significant number of my adherents. So reproducing famous Disney characters through my preferred big names got me siphoned. One of my preferred Disney artistry arrangements is that of my Riverdale x Disney hybrid due to how perfect the blends are. I additionally got a ton of positive criticism from it, and I delighted in the whole inventive procedure, which made me proceed with the idea on my next drawings,” clarified the craftsman. He has more than 233k supporters on his Instagram account who are continually hanging tight for his new manifestations, so we are confident that you will make the most of his work of art as well!

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