BTS’ Jin ranked first on the K-Pop chart show ‘K-Pop Radar’ with overwhelming numbers

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Jin, a member of BTS, topped the weekly fandom chart of ‘K-POP RADAR,’ a chart show dedicated to K-pop broadcast across the United States.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly fandom chart was released on the 11th. In contrast, the K-pop-only chart program ‘K-Pop Radar’ was regularly organized as an American radio program and is attracting attention.

On this chart, Jin’s new song ‘The Astronaut’ took first place.

Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ music video recorded 33.6 million views during the 1st week of K-Pop Radar’s November counting period (October 28, 2022 – November 3, 2022). It marked the start of his solo debut with an astonishing record of over 30 million views within a week.

Jin’s Spotify followers also increased by 170,000 during the week. Over the same period, K-pop artists’ Spotify followers increased by an average of 2,300, which is overwhelming.

In addition, during the first week of November counting period of K-Pop Radar, Jin’s official Instagram followers increased by 152,000, proving his popularity. During the same period, the Instagram followers of all K-pop artists increased by an average of 5,100.

K-Pop Radar said, “It is an amazing record of a BTS member’s solo debut.”

In the TOP 10 of the weekly fandom chart released this week on ‘K-Pop Radar,’ tripleS’ ‘Generation’ entered the 3rd place, and CLASS: y’s new song ‘Tick Tick Boom” At the same time as this comeback, ranked 8th.

The next-generation boy group YOUNITE also draws attention. United, who recently appeared on ‘blah blah’ of ‘Blip, the Duckmate in My Hand,’ while announcing the news of their comeback, gathered a topic among K-pop fans with a video focused on ‘face close-up’ (extreme close-up shot) ‘Bad Cupid’ ranked 9th and proved its growth.

‘K-Pop Radar’ is broadcast across the United States for one hour every Thursday at 8:00 pm ET through the SiriusXM channel, the largest satellite radio in North America, along with global media company 88 Rising, and the DJ is Jamie.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart to be announced at ‘K-Pop Radar’ is a chart produced by K-Pop Radar (, a fandom data service of music startup Space Audi.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart is the only chart exclusively for K-Pop that is created based on data from major global platforms in line with the current situation of K-Pop, where more than 90% of it is consumed abroad.

It is recognized as a fair and transparent chart by reflecting the number of views and release date of YouTube music videos and the number of fandom changes occurring on major global platforms such as Twitter and Instagram follower growth and Spotify follower growth.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart to be released on ‘K-Pop Radar’ can be found on 88 Rising Radio and K-Pop Radar SNS.

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