10 Deadliest Serial Killer Couples By Kill Count

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Sequential executioners are evil people who showcase their most turned wants to the detriment of a blameless injured individual’s life. Ordinarily, they decide to murder alone—yet what happens when two sequential executioners meet—yet in addition fall frantically enamored with one another?

Scientific clinician Tom Powell, who went through over 10 years working for the Department of Corrections in Vermont, told NBC, “They consider this to be a suitable method to strike back at the world. Through either establishment of dreams in the protection of their own home or utilization of sex entertainment that may be on point to what their freak advantages may be.”These following deadly darlings all chose to strike back at the world in the deadliest manner conceivable.

1. Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole—6—100+ Victims

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley – the ‘Fields Murderers’ – carried out probably the most famous violations of the only remaining century in England. In 1961, Hindley met Brady – who read Nietzsche, Mein Kampf, and different books on Nazi outrages – at the substance plant where the two of them worked. Hindley thought she’d found a related spirit.Later, when Brady uncovered his fixation on submitting the ‘impeccable homicide’, Hindley rushed to agree. In 1963, they killed their first unfortunate casualty, 16-year-old Pauline Reade, who was a school companion of Hindley’s sister. Hindley later asserted that she just tricked the young lady to Saddleworth Moor, holding up in her van while Brady slaughtered the young lady before the pair covered her.They killed four additional exploited people and Hindley thoroughly enjoyed hauling around a line that she used to choke one unfortunate casualty and playing with it before individuals. Another profoundly upsetting reality about their violations is the couple made a copying of an injured individual arguing for her life.With capital punishment nullified in England while Brady and Hindley were in authority, Hindley experienced a mind-blowing remainder in jail, kicking the bucket of pneumonia in 2002. Brady pursued her to the grave in 2017.

2. Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood: 5 Victims

Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood from Grand Rapids, Michigan, both filled in as medical attendants at Alpine Manor when they succumbed to one another and started to play a hazardous game. In 1987, they started a curved rush looking for round of choking out old patients and endeavored to illuminate the name M.U.R.D.E.R utilizing the primary names of their unfortunate casualties. They just got to E rather—spelling ‘MURDE’— before their abhorrent violations reached an end.Wood in the end admitted the homicides to her ex after Graham was moved to another emergency clinic and Wood was concerned the patients who were youngsters would be hurt. A Michigan Attorney General expressed, “The awful idea of the violations, the defenselessness of the people in question, the wilful focusing of those exploited people in light of that powerlessness, the maltreatment of the overseer relationship, the unadulterated vindictiveness confirm by taking gifts of the people in question, and the sheer number of unfortunate casualties… Combined, these components uncover a genuinely extraordinary arrangement of appalling wrongdoings and a culprit more corrupted than cultivated society can bear.”The pair were captured; Wood got 20 years in the slammer and Graham landed life in jail.

3. Alton Coleman and Debra Brown—8 Victims

In 1984, Alton Coleman and Debra Brown went on a two-year-long murdering binge, between six distinct states, that left eight individuals dead. Their relationship was an ace and slave situation with Coleman controlling over Brown.The initial three unfortunate casualties were matured somewhere in the range of 7 and 9 years of age before they proceeded onward to a more established couple who they assaulted with a lead pipe. The entirety of their unfortunate casualties were African-American who they got to know before slaughtering them without a second thought. They were at long last gotten when one unfortunate casualty figured out how to endure a merciless assault and affirm in court. As their evil violations had been done in such huge numbers of various states, the arraignment chose to leave their preliminary in Ohio where the most noticeably terrible discipline potential was the passing penalty.Coleman was executed in 2002 and Brown’s sentence was decreased to life in jail. The mother of one injured individual said of Brown’s condemning “(She) was in that spot with (Coleman), perpetrating similar violations. She bears a similar duty regarding them, and she should share his discipline.”

4. Ray and Faye Copeland—5—12 Victims

Ray and Faye Copeland executed five wanderers at their Missouri ranch during the 1980s. At the point when they were sentenced for the homicides, Ray was 76-years of age and Faye was 69-years of age, which made them the most seasoned couple in America to get the demise penalty.Ray was outstanding for his deceitful plans, he contracted the vagabonds to purchase cows with counterfeit checks. When the dairy cattle had been purchased, Ray would exchange the animals at an a lot more significant expense and afterward slaughter off the wanderer. They were at last gotten when one vagabond spotted human stays at the homestead and he detailed this to the police.Faye’s legal advisors asserted that she didn’t have anything to do with the homicides and she was mentally mishandled by her significant other. She stated, “I asked (Ray) over and over to please avoid inconvenience. We had our home and everything paid for. So for what reason would he pivot and wreckage all that up simply like he has?” That was until they found she had made a blanket out of the garments having a place with the dead men. The two of them passed on in the slammer.

5. Carol M. Bundy and Doug Clark—7 Victims

Carol M. Bundy and Doug Clark were otherwise called ‘The Sunset Strip Killers’ following their explicitly charged murdering binge around the Los Angeles zone during the 1980s. Bundy initially met Clark in a bar and he presented himself as the “lord of one-night stands.” They before long began living respectively in the wake of finding the two of them shared dull sexual desires.Clark killed whores and sickeningly brought the head of one of his unfortunate casualties back home to Bundy as a curved trophy. The pair kept the head in the refrigerator and utilized it for their own sickening sex games. He became desirous when Bundy started admitting their violations to a nation artist named Jack Murray who she had fancied. Clark at that point asked Bundy to kill her indulgence and she did only that; drawing him to a van with the guarantee of sex before shooting and beheading him.Bundy at last separated and admitted to her partners about the slaughtering binge. She later told the police it was “a circumstance that began as a dream (and) just got seriously wild.” They both got capital punishment.

6. Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate—11 Victims

In the late 1950s, 19-year-old Charles Starkweather and 14-year-old Caril Ann Fugate went on a two-month killing spree that shocked the nation. They murdered eleven people in the states of Nebraska and Wyoming. The victims were all completely at random—of different ages, gender, social standing, and complete strangers which added to the public’s fear of the shooting spree at the time.

They were finally caught when motorists witnessed a heated argument between the two on the side of a busy road. When the Deputy Sheriff approached the couple, Fugate ran towards him screaming, “He’s going to kill me! He’s crazy! He just killed a man!” The news of their arrest caused a media frenzy. Starkweather later told the police, “I always wanted to be a criminal but not this big a one.”

In 1959, Starkweather was executed aged just 20-years-old and Fugate now lives under a new name in Michigan. The crimes later inspired the film Natural Born Killers.

7. Fred and Rosemary West—12 Victims

Fred and Rose West met at a caravan park when she was around 16-years-old. Rose worked as a prostitute, at her husband’s insistence, and often while he watched. She regularly fell pregnant by both her husband and her customers, giving birth to eight children in total, as well as looking after Fred’s daughter and stepdaughter from previous marriages.
In 1973, the pair were fined for the indecent assault of beauty queen Caroline Roberts, who was abducted and raped before escaping their house. Soon the couple realized that if they wished to continue their crimes, their victims should not be allowed to tell the tale.
Their usual tactic was to offer a woman on the street a lift home, take her back to their house and murder her. Later, the body would be buried in a cellar or back garden. Rose’s gender was crucial in allowing the pair to commit their crimes; women traveling alone at night were more likely to accept a lift from a couple than from a single male driver.
Finally, in 1995, they were convicted of murder and sentenced to life. Fred killed himself while in custody pending his trial and Rose will live out the rest of her days behind bars.

8. Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck – 20+ Victims

Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck became known as ‘The Lonely Hearts Killers’ after luring their unsuspecting victims through lonely hearts ads in the late 1940s. It is believed during their murder spree they killed as many as twenty women.

Fernandez enjoyed the way Beck loved him unconditionally, she even left her own children behind so she could be with him. When they lured the girls back to their home, she posed as Fernandez’s sister, and the victims felt safe knowing there was another woman in the house, so they agreed to stay the night. They buried the bodies in the basement, but when the families of victims became concerned they were missing, the police managed to tie the disappearances to the couple. 

They both received the death penalty and were sent to the electric chair. Before their deaths Fernandez cried out, “I wanna shout it out; I love Martha! What do the public know about love?” Beck also confessed her love as she said, “My story is a love story. But only those tortured by love can know what I mean. I am not unfeeling, stupid or moronic. I am a woman who had a great love and always will have it. Imprisonment in the Death House has only strengthened my feeling for Raymond.”

9. Inessa Tarverdiyeva and Roman Podkopaev—30+ Victims

Married Russian couple Inessa Tarverdiyeva and Roman Podkopaev murdered at least 30 people during their six-year reign of terror. Shockingly, Inessa’s two daughters from her first marriage, 25-year-old Viktoria Tarverdiyeva and 13-year-old daughter Anastasiya, also took part in all the crimes.

Together they carried out robberies, targeting homes of rich families, as a daily job. In 2009, the family murdered a paratrooper, Dmitry Chudakov, his wife Irina, and their two children—killing with a semi-automatic rifle. All the Tarverdiyeva family got away with was a camera, laptop, and hairdryer. Other victims included Inessa’s own Goddaughters. She knew their father enjoying hunting and had a collection of guns in the house. The family tortured the two teenage girls and gouged their eyes out before stealing the weapons. 

Eventually, they were captured by the police. The father died during the shootout with police but Inessa and her daughters are currently serving their sentences in prison. Speaking of the murder spree, the matriarch of the family said, “It’s just like another day at the office.”

10. Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole—6—100+ Victims

Companions and lovers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole were self-confessed serial killers. Lucas had a troubled childhood that was full of violence; from an early age, his mother forced him into cross-dressing that caused him to be rejected by all of his peers. Even more disturbingly, his mother was a working prostitute and would force Lucas to watch her with clients. Toole also grew up in a household of abuse and when the pair met in a soup kitchen they quickly became kindred spirits—with a deadly twist.

Toole was swayed towards murder and joined Lucas as an accomplice during his killing sprees. Lucas’ first kill was strangling to death 17-year-old Laura Burnsley, who had refused his sexual advances. Toole later confessed to joining Lucas in 108 murders and Lucas confessed to more than 360 murders—the actual victim count is still unknown.

Toole died behind bars of cirrhosis in 1996. Lucas was sentenced to death row, but in 2001, he was found dead in prison from heart failure aged 64-years-old. His grave in Texas was left unmarked due to threats of vandalism.

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