Video Of Boy With Down Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism Goes Viral For The Ideal Reasons

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We adults, frequently forget many things we could learn from kids. Among these things, which often comes so naturally for them, is being kind and empathetic. Children can not look away if they visit someone in pain and do their very best to cheer them up. Lately, a movie moved viral revealing a basic rapid-fire boy, who happens to have Down’s syndrome, consoling his classmate with autism, which educates us how simple it is to be kind to one another.

Lately, people’s hearts were melted by the Cute video of a boy consoling his crying Buddy

The big-hearted boy subsequently proceeds to soothe his buddy with a huge hug whilst stroking his hair.

From the conclusion of the movie, the autistic boy appears to be a little angry, but considerably calmer in his classmate’s presence.

The movie has over 19 million viewpoints and has been shared across several social networking platforms.

People simply could not quit sharing and commenting beneath the movie, after feeling touched with the affectionate minute.

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Here Is how Folks Responded to the heartwarming video

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