Elijah Wood Visits Girl’s Animal Crossing Island, Has Cute Manners

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The story here isn’t that big names play Animal Crossing, and visit other player’s islands. They do it constantly, you just presumably don’t understand it’s them. No, this story is about Elijah Wood’s faultless Animal Crossing habits, and how he should fill in for instance to all island voyagers.

Prior today, as EW report, 23-year-old Jessica Kovalick put out a call, as we as a whole do, for turnip-selling guests:

This for the most part brings about two things occurring: a portion of your companions see the message and bounce on in, and some Twitter randos additionally observe it, and you need to just expectation that they are pleasant visitors while visiting, however who knows, on the grounds that a) this is Twitter and b) these are Twitter randos.

For Jessica, however a third and supernatural thing occurred: on-screen character Elijah Wood turned up.

I love this since his name is simply Elwood and his resident looks simply like him. Yet in addition since he is only the most model island visitor!

Any individual who has opened up their island to outsiders will have tales about individuals they’ve never met in their life turning up and taking each damn bit of natural product on a tree, or just, for the most part, going around being weirdos.

Elijah, in any case, is showing faultless island convention here:

Mrs. Wood, you raised a good boy. And Jessica, your island is indeed beautiful.

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