“Puraore!” Episode 3 The best memories for Mami

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The TV anime “Puraore!” Which is being broadcast from October 6, 2021 (Wednesday). ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~” Episode 3 Synopsis, the preceding cut has arrived.

“Paramore! ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~ ” is a large-scale project developed by media mix in cooperation with CyberAgent and EXNOA, a limited liability company that operates “DMM GAMES.” Set in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, this story depicts girls playing ice hockey in their youth. The anime broadcast began in October 2021 and is being produced to release the game in January 2022.

The third episode will be broadcast on ABEMA (ABEMA Anime Channel) from 22:30 on October 20 (Wednesday) and TOKYO MX and others from 23:00. Click here for the synopsis!

Episode 3, “all for one”
Aika, Ayaka, and Kaoruko are confused by the sudden confession from Mami. The three of them couldn’t take it right away, but for Mami, they decided to play an “ice hockey game” to make her best memories.
Aika and her friends are serious about turning from the hands-on classroom. As expected, whereabouts of the game! ??

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