10 Important Characters Who Don’t Actually Fight In One Piece

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Somebody Piece characters have stood firm on incredible situations yet never occupied with battle in the story.

The universe of One Piece is brimming with associations battling for incomparability of the oceans. While the World Government utilizes the Marines to keep up power over the world, the Pirates embark to the ocean and go against them and the Revolutionary Army plans to free those abused by them.

Accordingly, there are bunches of significant characters driving these gatherings in the arrangement and keeping in mind that a large portion of them don’t stop for a second to battle against one another, a few characters have stood firm on incredible situations yet never occupied with battle in the story.

10. Vivi: Her Time As The Princess Of Alabasta Has Been Spent Without Getting Into Any Fights

Vivi was acquainted with the One Piece fans as Miss Wednesday and keeping in mind that she took care of job for Baroque Works at a certain point, she just did it to acquire data about Crocodile.

Subsequent to uncovering herself to be Vivi of Alabasta, she didn’t participate in any genuine battle. Vivi keeps on being a vital character in the story, as demonstrated at the new occasions of the Reverie.

9. Shirahoshi: She Holds Tremendous Importance In The Story As The Ancient Weapon Poseidon

Shirahoshi is the girl of King Neptune and Otohime. Being brought into the world as Poseidon, an amazing mermaid with the ability to control the Sea Kings, Shirahoshi holds extraordinary significance in the story.

She is the individual who will assume a significant part in the Final War of One Piece and will likewise direct Fishmen to the surface in the end. Regardless of having such extraordinary forces, Shirahoshi has never occupied such a battle in the story.

8. Momonosuke: He Is The Heir To The Kingdom Of Wano & The Leader Of The Kozuki

The child of Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke, is an extraordinarily significant character in the One Piece story as he is the legitimate beneficiary to the realm of Wano Country. Being brought into the world with baffling forces to control Zou, Momonosuke is critical to the future occasions of the story.

The Kozuki family individuals are known to have been partners of Joy Boy before and being an individual from the tribe, Momonosuke should venture up big time once the ideal opportunity for the Final War comes.

7. Kozuki Hiyori: She Is The Daughter Of Kozuki Oden & Holds Great Importance In Wano

Oden’s girl and Momonosuke’s sister, Hiyori, is a vital character in the Wano Country circular segment. Raised by Kawamatsu after the passing of her folks and taken in by Denjiro later, Hiyori has developed to turn into an influential lady.

She desires to reclaim the realm of Wano from the grip of Kaido and Orochi, notwithstanding, comes up short on the solidarity to have the option to do as such and has accordingly never battled anybody.

6. Monkey D. Dragon: He Is The Leader Of The Revolutionary Army But His Powers Remain A Mystery

Dragon is quite possibly the most influential men in the One Piece world and it’s a given that he will be a central member in the conflict to come. In spite of the fact that Dragon surely will be a warrior and will be hugely solid, he has never been seen battling anybody up until this point.

While it remains constant for the time being, later on, it is probably going to change as the story will zero in additional on him and his association soon.

5. Kozuki Toki: She Is From The Void Century & Knows Key Information That Few People Do

4. Shimotsuki Ryuma: He Was Never Seen Fighting In The Story Of One Piece

Ryuma was an incredible Samurai from the Land of Wano whose Zombie was seen during the Thriller Bark curve of One Piece. His solidarity was to such an extent that he was known as the God of the Blade by individuals of Wano and he is broadly known to have killed a mythical beast before.

Tragically, Ryuma has never been found in battle in the story and that will probably be the case directly until the finish of the One Piece story.

3. Joy Boy: He Was A Mysterious Figure Who Existed Around 800 Years Ago

Joy Boy is a baffling character in the One Piece world who was presented back during the Fishman Island bend of the story through a Poneglyph. It was uncovered that Joy Boy made a guarantee to the Fishmen and couldn’t keep it.

Joy Boy is likewise known to return soon and despite the fact that he is a particularly pivotal character in the story, he has never been engaged with any battles.

2. Gorosei: They Are At The Top Of The World Government To The World Of One Piece

The Gorosei are, on paper, five of the most influential men in the world of One Piece as far as political impact. They run the whole Government and are known to be a portion of the not very many individuals who know about the Void Century.

As primary antagonists of the story, they’re critical and will just develop more applicable to the story with time. Very much like every other person on the rundown, they haven’t took an interest in any known battles.

1. Imu: He Is The True Leader Of The World Government

Imu is the secret leader of the world in One Piece and the individual who sits on the Empty Throne. Presented in the Reverie bend, he is conceivably the primary foe of the story and will assume a critical part in the story later on.

The greater part of the insights regarding him stay obscure at the present time, in any case, with time, all the more light will be shed on how he accomplished this force. For the time being, he unquestionably hasn’t battled anybody.

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