Full-scale ‘v (new) Gundam’ appears in Fukuoka.

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The full-scale “ν (New) Gundam” that appeared in the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” has appeared in Fukuoka City.

“Ν Gundam” is a commercial facility that will open on the fruit and vegetable market site in Fukuoka City next spring and was opened to the public only today before it was opened to the public.

Today, when a crane lifted the head and docked to the torso, the applause was rising.

The “ν Gundam” that appeared is about 80 tons in weight and 24.8 meters in height, and the right arm and head movements so that it will be open to the public next spring after final adjustments.

Takashi Fujiwara, Chief Gundam Officer of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, said, “Gundam is becoming more popular overseas, and we can expect the power of transmission from Fukuoka to Asia. Please come here and feel the power and energy of Gundam.” rice field.

In addition to the commercial facility “LaLaport Fukuoka,” a bus terminal and a plaza are planned to be built on the fruit and vegetable market site. It is said that.

Takuma Takayama, chief of the Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Facility Headquarters regional division, which promotes the development of commercial facilities, said, “We want to make it a facility that impresses people who come through entertainment such as food and Gundam, not just shopping.”

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