‘100 days lived crocodile’ new scene photo lifted cast commented on original elements

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From the anime movie “100 Days Live Crocodile”, the cast’s comments and the latest scene photos have been lifted regarding the story of “100 days after that day” drawn in the original movie.

Yuuki Kikuchi’s four-frame cartoon “crocodile dying in 100 days.”
Last year, it caused a social phenomenon for 100 days. It depicts the daily life and the subsequent appearance of friends who have lost something important.

The director and screenwriter said, “Don’t stop the camera! Of ” Shinichiro Ueda and, also active as an animation director Miyuki Fukuda and his wife. Faced with the corona wreck during the script’s development, he was puzzled by the dramatic changes in everyday life and values. Still, he reworked the composition by superimposing that feeling on the characters.

It works with a more profound message by depicting the interaction with the remaining friends and the new character frog <100 days after the cherry blossom viewing day when the Crocodile did not appear. .. Regarding adding a unique story to the movie, Ryunosuke Kamiki said, “I play a crocodile and sympathize with the Crocodile.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Kun and Akira will face each other from where time has stopped in a certain sense, and how that time will melt again, “he said because he played the main character, Crocodile. Talked about his feelings. Tomoya Nakamura, who played the Crocodile’s best friend mouse” I think that becoming a movie requires some core of the story.

There was that in the original, but I think that the depth has increased by becoming a movie.” Subaru Kimura, who also played the Crocodile’s best friend Mole, said, “I was once again fascinated by the fact that the era is a story of living in the present. I revealed my thoughts. Yuko Araki, who played the Crocodile’s part-time job, said, “I was happy to hear that (the story after that) was drawn in the movie, and I was able to get closer to the Crocodile’s feelings than I had imagined. I was happy as a reader, “he said.

The banned scene photos include a scene in which a crocodile, a mouse, a mole, a sempai, and a dog are shown in a group photo, as well as a frog that came to the city <100 days after cherry blossom viewing>. The anime movie “100 Days Live Crocodile” will be released nationwide from July 9th.

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