‘It’s not direct, but it would be no surprise if it were rated R’: Age-restricted anime movies.

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Is it true that indirect expression is more vivid?

The erotic and grotesque depictions in anime works are essential in vividly expressing the story and unique worldview.

However, you may need to be careful if you watch with children or if you are not good with extreme expressions. This article will examine anime films with age restrictions that require caution.

“Dounika Naru Hibi”

The 2020 anime film “Dounika Naru Hibi” was rated PG12 (elementary school students require parental guidance) and is based on an omnibus manga by Takako Shimura, a master of youth drama. Various love stories are depicted delicately with beautiful animation, including two women who met at a former lover’s wedding, a teacher and student at a boys’ school, and childhood friends who have reached puberty. Amid everyday conversations that flow calmly, love is depicted with sudden confessions and loose dirty jokes, and sexual depictions are also involved.

Even such tense scenes are expressed in this work with warm and unique animation. The unique atmosphere has been praised online, with comments such as “There is a strange vividness even though there is no direct expression” and “The erotic scenes are beautifully wrapped in oblates and are refreshing.”

The warm and sad atmosphere is further enhanced by the animation depicting the characters’ emotional movements in detail and the rock band’s “Creep Hyp” theme song and background music. Perfect Blue Perfect Blue is an R15+ anime film released in 1998. It tells the story of Mima Kirigoshi, a famous idol-turned-actress whose mental health is eroded by the pain of her job and the mysterious murders of those around her.

The film depicts extreme scenes of sexual violence and gruesome murders in a tense worldview that is unique to psycho-thrillers. In particular, the nude photoshoot scene, in which many men surround Mima and act out her grotesque sexual acts of being raped while crying, became a hot topic. Even though it was work, shadows fall over her eyes as she is raped, realistically portraying her psychological state as if she is “falling into darkness.”

In addition, the victims of the crimes that occur around Mima are depicted with their eyes gouged out or stabbed repeatedly with a blade, and there is a battle with the shocking perpetrator that is revealed at the end of the film, leaving a solid impact with the gore and horror scenes.

There have been a variety of reactions online, including “The rape scene and the murder depiction were tough to handle,” “Because it was so extreme, you get to feel the real darkness in human nature, and it’s drawn in,” and “The final chase with the culprit was truly traumatic.”

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