‘2.5 Dimensional Temptation’ PV will be released at the start of broadcasting in 2024, Starring Junya Enoki, Kaori Maeda, and Akari Kito.

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It has been decided that the TV anime “2.5 Dimensional Temptation” will be broadcast in 2024. At the same time, staff and cast information and the first PV have been released. Junya Enoki will play the main character Masamune Okumura, Kaori Maeda will play Lilisa Amano, and Akari Kito will play Mikari Tachibana. Depicts Okumura and Lilitha, who are passionate about what they love and are working hard. to the video. The character voices of Okumura and Lilitha will be unveiled in Japan for the first time.

The work is based on the manga of the same name, which began serialization in the manga app “Shonen Jump+” in June 2019. , Cosplay coming-of-age comedy depicting Lilisa Amano, a high school girl who loves Liliel cosplay.

Comment from Junya Enoki
Impressions of this work
At first, I thought it was a work with a comedy touch, cute cosplay, and characters. My impression changed.

Impressions and Enthusiasm of the Character I Play
Okumura likes Liliel, and she is a character whose passion for 2D is second to none.

Comment from Kaori Maeda
Impression of this work
I think it’s a work that always reminds me of my honest feeling of “I love you” and gives me courage every time I reread it! At first glance, cosplay seems to sparkle, but I learned that hardships and hardships are hidden behind it. But after reading “2.5 Dimensional Temptation”, I realized that cosplayers shine so much because they continue to pursue what they love! And the character girls are adorable! Angel! But it’s not just cute; it’s hot! It’s the best and most wonderful work that makes you feel hot to read. Q2. What are your

Impressions and enthusiasm about the character you play?
My name is Kaori Maeda. Lilitha likes Liliel anyway, and she is a child who has a straight and passionate feeling for her likes! Because she is such an honest girl, the hearts of those around her are moved, and she naturally wants to lend a hand. She is a nice girl. You can go anywhere with Lilitha! That makes me feel “invincible,” so I’ll do my best to cherish and passionately play Lilitha!

Comment from Akari Kito
Q1.Impression of this work
It was a work that very carefully expressed the passion of loving what you like from the bottom of your heart. I’m the type of person who gets addicted to it, so I know how you feel…! I was reading while thinking that all the characters that appear are attractive, and I love them all! After that, I feel happy when I noticed that there were more small things that otaku could stick to that I couldn’t pick up.

Impression and enthusiasm of the character you play
Ever since I was reading the original, I thought that all the characters that appeared were cute, and I loved them, but the one I thought was the cutest and most endearing was Mikari. I’m happy to be able to act, but at the same time, I’m full of feelings that I want to put my heart into it! Through the anime, I will convey Mikari’s straightforward, brave, and cute side to her fans!

[Staff information]
Original: Yu Hashimoto (serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump +”)
Director: Hideki Okamoto
Series composition: Takao Yoshioka
Character design: Tomoyuki Shitaya
Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Animation production: JCSTAFF

[Cast information]
Masamune Okumura: Junya Enoki
Amano Lilisa: Kaori Maeda
Mika Tachibana: Akari Kito

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